Final Day for GIVEAWAY 🛍💌

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to get my gift to you – I am closing Early Registration giveaway tonight!  So…  Is it time for a shift?? register today and get access to my July Challenge group PLUS my giveaway going on now (ends 9PM CST 6/30)

My July “Time to Shift” Challenge – what it is & what you get… is ALL in my video message to you here!



⏩THIS is the Shift you  have been telling me you know it’s time to make for yourself … and yet the time that has passed since you first told me that has possibly been what? months, years? ✌


❤ You know I love you- This is your friendly  gentle  motivating virtual hug from me to you …IT IS TIME TO SHIFT friend… register with me today, we will Start planning together and be ready !  #TimeToShift!

ALL ACCESS gets you every program ever created – fitness AND eating/nutrition guides, cooking show…the works! including the newest program coming July.



Chris Downing (if you haven’t heard his story yet… you need to!)⬅️⬅️ has created the perfect 3 week program to get you from where you are RIGHT NOW to where you WANT TO BE – making your shift happen physically habitually nutritionally& mentally➡️➡️ week to week for 3 weeks . *if you want free access to the sneak peek before the program SHIFT SHOP launches, ask me for it. 😊




P.S. you do NOT have to do Shift Shop program to get in my TIME TO MAKE THE SHIFT  Challenge… but YOU DO need to register!

■■■  Ask me to email you the details and options to register  AND SIGN UP NOW before 9pm CST tonight to qualify for my giveaway!  It’s a GOOOD ONE!!    ♡         – Your LifeFit Coach, Angel Ballance / 

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