Busy, Busy, Busy – Devo & Coffee Chat – Make Your Mark series

Make Your Mark Devo time! How many times do you tell people you’re “busy?” How about your kids and hubby? How does it leave you (and them) feeling about your time and their importance? Is there room for God to use you to serve them and help them find freedom from the problem they’re asking you about?

Hmmm…. this one had me self reflecting BIG time!! In both home, workplace, and my online business… I want God to help me serve them better and to know they are important, capable, empowered.

You don’t need a grand title to be considered a leader. God has planted Jesus within us and He is the perfect model of living in a servant leadership mindset, no matter who we encounter or where we find ourselves serving others. Family, Volunteer, Job, Church, Mentor, Manager…. we all have gifts and skills He can use to influence and impact people for the better.

I’m so excited to share with you today we are entering a whole new section of our devotional! Join me for a brief Intro into Part Three: Make Your Mark as a Leader, and then let’s dive right in for our first devo entry, “Busy Busy Busy”

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