Make Your Mark – As a Leader – The Spirit-Led Leader

ICYMI: We don’t have to live frustrated and always feeling like we are lacking or ineffective.  
We have an all-access pass to what the Spirit of God is doing RIGHT NOW!

Become a more effective leader in your life for yourself, the relationships, the things that matter most to you, with these 3 reminders:

Make Your Mark: As a Leader “God Allows U-Turns”| Devo & Coffee Chat with Angel

  Is today one of those days you feel like you need a “do-over”??  Has life gotten hum-drum boring or completely messy that you know it could be better, but… not sure how or where or you just feel downright discouraged or frustrated with things lately?  Need some clarity of purpose or direction to moveContinue reading “Make Your Mark: As a Leader “God Allows U-Turns”| Devo & Coffee Chat with Angel”

Birds of a Feather Flock Together – Coffee & Devo Chat: Make Your Mark series

ICYMI: Are you trying to do it all on your own? When was the last time you gave AND received encouragement?
Y’all… this one got me fired up!! (Let’s be honest — they all do LOL)

Birds of a Feather Flock Together – Coffee & Devo LIVE Chat: Make Your Mark series

Busy, Busy, Busy – Devo & Coffee Chat – Make Your Mark series

ICYMI: You don’t need a grand title to be considered a leader. God has planted Jesus within us and He is the perfect model of living in a servant leadership mindset, no matter who we encounter or where we find ourselves serving others. Family, Volunteer, Job, Church, Mentor, Manager…. we all have gifts and skills He can use to influence and impact people for the better.

I’m so excited to share with you today we are entering a whole new section of our devotional! Join me for a brief Intro into Part Three: Make Your Mark as a Leader, and then let’s dive right in for our first devo entry, “Busy Busy Busy”

“Anointed for Business” MamaChat Live Devo & Prayer – Make Your Mark Series

Mama, do you feel “unqualified” most days?
Fight a feeling that you’re a fake or won’t have the right skill set (good enough) to really do it and do it well?? Do you also leave “ministry work” for people with titles and qualifications to do so in the church and mission field?

ICYMI: Wednesday we pointed out that Simon Peter was just at work, doing his everyday normal and “NOT supernatural/spiritual job” when Jesus climbed into his boat and called him to start ministry work with Him, and it didn’t start with a prayer line or the pulpit. It started with what he was already doing.

Catch the Replay: “Anointed for Business” MamaChat Live Devo & Prayer – Make Your Mark Series and leave your prayer requests in the comments!

Loving People Who Hurt You – Live Devo & Prayer

This is such a sensitive topic on my heart today, and I believe my nerves are very visible and palpable through this LIVE video I did on fb, ig, and youtube earlier this week.   What does loving people who hurt us look like?  How do we love them through the hurt and anger weContinue reading “Loving People Who Hurt You – Live Devo & Prayer”

Live Mama Chat: Dig a Little Deeper #MakeYourMark series

What are your passions? Your motivation? Do you know your strengths and gifts? “What we casually identify as passion is often just an indicator of a root motivation we’ve yet to find.” – Jan Greenwood, Gateway Women LIVE CHAT: “Dig a Little Deeper” #MakeYourMark Marketplace Ministry: Do you know your passion? Do you know your WHY (motivation)?Continue reading “Live Mama Chat: Dig a Little Deeper #MakeYourMark series”