“I don’t have time to eat healthy.” CAR CHAT

It’s not always about how much time we need, but how we honor the time we have with the tools and resources already at our disposal.

Just a little car chat for ya as you’re wrapping your brain around returning to your normal routine after this Thanksgiving break and think about how to start your life fit with the time you DO have between now and Christmas.

So many mamas just hide their bodies until February under baggy clothes… but that doesn’t have to be us, sister! We can honor our health and bodies right now, right where we are, with what we got.

Watch here-


So, mama…

Are YOU Ready to start your future life fit self today? Have you got some real goals you’re tired of pushing off for the “someday” that never comes?? Are you willing to trust me and take my 25-30 min workouts a day with the virtual trainers I use and the online community of support that helped me drop 5 dress sizes and make healthy a doable lifestyle ??

Let’s make every day between now and Christmas count in my online 25 Days of Fitmas Challenge here. (Get it this weekend while it is on sale)!

I’ll be your ‘forever coach’ through every victory and transformation you achieve. I’m not satisfied until you are, and I’ve always got your back. I’ll share my faith for fitness with you to help you connect to your greater purpose and reason WHY so you’re less likely to quit on yourself, more fired up to see it through, and amazed at how you’ll see getting fit with a whole new refreshing perspective than the traditional “dieting” methods that make us cringe and leave us defeated .

This experience I am offering you is so different, sister. Are you willing to do this for YOU? For your family?

Sign up here.

Can’t wait to meet you and support you in your goals!



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