I was ashamed of my body in photos – everything changed when I did this.

Maybe you saw this pic before but I want to tell you something I didnt tell you before when I first posted it.

I hear alllll the time “I can’t afford it right now” and I GET IT mama cuz I’ve been there… but… what I really had to ask myself when week after week and month after month passed and I was STILL using that SAME reasoning for not starting was…”is this really a priority for me, or am I putting something else before my health? Am I really wanting to be my best self, or am I letting fear of something else talk me out of my blessing? Am I willing to sacrifice something else not serving me, in order to make room for what I really want?”
This trip I took with Donald was MAJOR different than the first time we made this trip for our honeymoon, when I was too scared to appear even slightly confident in my bikini because the “hotter” girls on the beach might be laughing at me or heaven forbid I may be more embarrassing to my husband NOT to stay covered up!!!!! For real y’all THAT was my thought process on my honeymoon of all times!! And don’t get me started on the guilt and inner arguments with self about eating while on vacay. Trust me , I’ve been there and LIVED IT. This trip was SO different. Heck I had a dessert EVERY. NIGHT. And some days I had a cookie at lunch with my salad LOL… but let’s back up a minute to before I started this journey. To the time I thought….

” I CAN’T afford this. Donald wont be happy if I spend money on this.”

I had so many arguments and fears in my head telling me why I couldnt or shouldn’t, BUT…. y’all the truth is I finally came to a place where I had such a desire to be in a DIFFERENT place with my emotional eating, self sabotage, lack mindset, health and fitness … I DID NOT want to remain stuck there for life . I had to stop the madness.

So, when I met my lovely neighbor who introduced beachbody to me, I did NOT understand the cost of shakeology. I was so confused why the price was what it was. BUT when I started looking at the ingredients and what they did for my health vs WHAT I was currently doing that wasn’t giving me the results I wanted… when I started listening to the creators of the formula that goes into each bag and realizing they created it out of a personal need for their own health and to fill in the gaps of modern day food quality & the way we eat as modern day humans shopping from limited variety and limited knowledge at the grocery store… when I started accepting my role in creating my health and longevity for this life (in other words, no body else can do it for me)…

I decided I HAD TO MAKE MYSELF A PRIORITY and do what God was telling me to do to make my body well.

What happened next was amazing… because not only did I receive body wellness but mindset wellness. I received confidence and joy. I didnt need to cover up or apologize for wearing a bikini… whether I was size 6 or size 16!

This trip I let my husband take pictures of me in my bathing suit and more than that I WALKED FREELY by his side with happiness & joy… BUT MY MINDSET is so different !!!!

That shake I finally saw the value in i of stopped making excuses and saw that I could spend $4 on a sugary starbucks or $4 on my healthier self – it saves my waistline , my health and my wallet !
Mamas… here it is. All my rambling and sharing to this. The investment I made in myself … It didn’t just change my health , it changed my MINDSET which changed how I LIVE. If you want to make a change in how you are currently living… you HAVE TO DECIDE if you are willing to do something about it now so you can reap the benefits later.
Change something today to live in the outcome later!!! Theres no other way to get there.
And p.s.
If you’ve been waiting… wait no longer. PM me! My July waiting list is open. If you’ve been wondering… wonder no longer. Ask me! I’ll send you the answers you seek.


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