Gosh, Mama. I promise – I get it.

Gosh, mama. I promise I get it.

I promise I’ve lived days where the mirror in the dressing room made me cry, bought a giant bag of m&ms to drown out the sorrow on the way home, then cut the tags out of my jeans so my husband (and not even my friends) wouldn’t know what size pants I really wore.

I promise I’ve lived years of showing up for everyone else who needs me – EXCEPT ME – and never making time for myself to GET healthy, GET happy, GET fit, GET free.

I promise you …I’ve lived week after week of telling myself I’m gonna do this… wanting to make it happen… but telling myself 10 reasons why I’ll fail, I’ll never finish, It’s not a good time, or it might be something I regret.

You know what I regret? Not doing it sooner. Talking myself out of a huge blessing just because I felt tired and scared.

Guess what? I’m not tired anymore. And I learned how to dance with the fear instead of letting it rule my life.

Mama… I’m looking for you ♡.

I’m looking for 4 women to link arms with over the next 100 days. Can you give yourself permission to get healthy and fit and totally transformed in 100 days?

100 days for you to find yourself again and stand proudly for the camera to flash.

100 days of workouts – with tons of variety and modifiers and options for wherever you’re at in your fitness level. Keep all the jumps out and stay low impact, or throw caution to the wind and leap as high as you can. Pump heavy weights to the beat of the music or keep it all bodyweight and love every second of the magic happening. Either way, there’s a person for you to lock eyes with and follow.

100 days of nutrition, flexible eating, overcoming emotional eating and changing your relationship with food. 100 days of still eating carbs and treats and silly foods – NO PERFECTION JUST PROGRESS – and seeing maintainable, feeling ah-mazing, results.

100 days of courage and positive mindset, of drowning out the voice of fear so your new inner brave girl can takeover.

100 days of community, of friendships in a safe space where you can come to share your struggle buses and victory dances.

100 days of accountability, in a private group where you’ll be able to check in every day as you make new lifestyle habits (including crushing your morning routine!)

100 days of me right alongside you, pushing for my own goals and grasping hands with you, showing up daily for you as your fitness partner and food freedom mentor, as we go through this 100 workout program together (and for as long as ya want me really, since I’m your coach for LIFE, not just for 100 days)!

…and mama most of all, 100 days of MAKING YOU a priority each day, so you can pour into those you love most from an overflowing cup instead of one that’s dry and empty.

Are you 1 of my 4? Drop me a “I’m committed!!!” to my inbox coachangelb@gmail.com Subject Line “BE 100” or message me on facebook and I’ll send you the all the deets you need to start with me!!

Can’t wait to chat, mama!!

Your Life Fit Coach,

– Angel

#youbelonghere #be100club

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