Sneak Peek: “LET’S GET UP!” Cardio Dance Program Coming Soon (Grab details here)!

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Let’s Get Up is the brand new workout program by my sister company (I help coach you through their programs) launching in April. This information is here to teach you about the program and what you can expect! If you’re ready to bring fun back into fitness + focus on loving yourself through the process… this program is for you!

1. What is Let’s Get Up?

Like nothing you’ve experienced before, Let’s Get Up is dance fitness that turns each workout into a celebration of self-confidence, body positivity, and joy 🙌 Whatever your motivation (losing weight, toning up, getting healthy, or showcasing those sweet dance moves on social media), Shaun T is going to deliver with choreography, inspiration, and fun.

The world is filled with confusing messages about dieting + body image; plus, we’re bombarded with negativity throughout our day – whether it’s the newsfeed, the news, or our own inner critic… so, now, more than ever, I want to focus on a program that will help create wellness while you feel good about yourself. I promise that you will never dread a Let’s Get Up workout; Shaun T will have you looking forward to getting up + getting it done!

For this program, all you’ll need are some light + medium dumbbells… and your dancing shoes 😉 (just kidding, you could totally do this program barefoot if that’s your thing)

Watch this short video for a sneak peek into the program:


2. What makes Let’s Get Up unique?

Oh my gosh, where do I start?! This program takes the joy and fun of dance and turns it into a real workout… and you’re going to get real results. 4 days a week, you’ll perform easy-to-follow dance moves. But easy-to-follow doesn’t mean it’s easy 😂 To elevate the workout + push your fitness to the next level, Shaun T throws in a quick hit of high-intensity, Insanity-style intervals, so you spike your heart rate! 

Oh, and because this is a total package program, there are 2 dumbbell resistance workouts each week – these are super fun because they are set to rhythm! You’ll get toned and build muscular endurance, while you feel like you are at a dance party.

The program features a super cool on-screen visual cue called Cameos – these help you see what’s coming next and get out of your head during the workout. The program features a variety of music – pop, hip-hop, swing, musical theatre, Latin, rock, and even island grooves. There are even tracks written in Spanish and French. Fun fact: Shaun T wrote + performed some of the music himself 🎤 

Now, this last fun feature might intimidate some of you with stage fright, but embrace stepping out of your comfort zone! At the end of each dance workout, you’ll have a final performance moment – perfect for showing off your new moves on social media. 

3. Who is Shaun T?

If you’ve never done a Shaun T workout, you are in for a treat! He has helped millions of people on their journey to get in the best shape of their lives, with some of the best fitness programs on the planet + his powerfully motivating style. You may have heard of Cize, Transform :20, Focus t25, Insanity, or Hip Hop Abs. Now, with his new program Let’s Get Up, he is promoting self-confidence, body positivity, and living your best life with joy and happiness. Think you can’t dance? Trust me, with his love of movement and his positive inspiration, you can’t help but get up and join in.

4. Let’s Get Up is perfect for…

💃 Anyone who wants a fun, feel-good workout. Trust me when I say, this is a workout that you will WANT to do. When you press play, you’ll break a sweat dancing to great music + relatable people. And when it’s over… you’ll feel amazing.

💃 People who want to get results without beating themselves up. You are going to get the results you want… and you never have to get on the floor. The dynamic dance workouts are intense but not intimidating and the dumbbell resistance workouts help shape + tone your whole body. Every workout has a modifier showing low-impact options, so it’s challenging but achievable, no matter your level of fitness. With Let’s Get Up, you’ll never feel like you didn’t do enough or you couldn’t keep up.

💃 Anyone who is feeling a fitness rut. If you’re dreading pressing play and tired of the same-old-same-old, Let’s Get Up is a 30-day program that is going to shake things up and have you falling back in love with the daily sweat.

💃 Shaun T fans! I mean, come on – nobody puts a smile on your face like Shaun T. He’s back with another breakthrough program that helps deliver the physical results you want, plus a mental transformation fueled by confidence, positivity, and joy.

💃 People ready to take things to the next level. Think dance isn’t your thing? I get it. I’ve got 3 calendars for you to choose from, so that you can move + groove with the traditional Let’s Get Up schedule, mix things up with a variety of Shaun T programs for a little less dancing, or take things to the next level with an insane Let’s Get Up mash-up.

5. What’s in your Let’s Get Up bundle?

🙌 16 unique dance workouts – you are going to dance, sweat, and celebrate 4x a week for 30-35 minutes a day.

🙌 4 resistance workouts – 2x a week, you will press play on 30-minute, total-body rhythmic resistance workouts using light to medium dumbbells to help boost your metabolism + sculpt lean, strong muscles. 

🙌 Dance Conditioning: Let’s Turn Up – start dancing with easy-to-follow moves that will get your feet ready and your heart pumped for the workouts to come.

🙌 Shareable Moments – each workout includes its own 3-minute Shareable Moment that celebrates the joy of dancing. You’ll learn a short, 30-second choreography that is inspired by the workout. Learn it, bust a move, and showcase your skills on tiktok or reels (or don’t 🤣 totally your call)

🙌 Bonus Rooftop Workout – the only way forward is up when you do this fun bonus workout with Shaun T + the cast!

🙌 Get Started Guide + workout calendar – get a quick overview of the program + the workouts, plus easy steps to get you started on BOD. The guide will also share more about your nutrition options (I can help here too!) + how to track your progress. You will get your 30 day workout calendar so you know what to do each day; You’ll also get 2 bonus calendars from me, so that you can find your Let’s Get Up groove. 

🙌 Quick Start Nutrition Guide – working out is half the battle! Smart nutrition choices will fuel your body and make you feel amazing. So, read through this new guide + learn all about our powerful nutrition programs + supplements that will help you reach your goals.

🙌 Get Started Video – Shaun T will introduce you to the program so you know what to look forward to; plus, you’ll learn his key steps for getting started.

🙌 Introduction to Nutrition Programs – you can’t outdance a bad workout, y’all! And depriving yourself of foods you love only leads to misery. Learn more about 2B Mindset + Ultimate Portion Fix, our 2 proven nutrition programs that will help you eat to feel good and still enjoy the things you love. 

🙌 Basics Video – this video breaks down how to use the Cameo + gives you tips for hearing the beat in the music so that you have everything you need to be successful from day 1.

🙌 Energize Moment – I am SO excited for this daily pep talk! Before every workout, we get to follow Shaun on his way to set as he sips his Energize + drops some serious inspo for the workout you’re about to do!

6. How does nutrition fit into Let’s Get Up?

For true health + happiness, you need to feel good – and that means you need to eat well. Your Let’s Get Up bundle includes both of our healthy eating programs; these programs are proven for the long-term and they won’t have you starving or depriving yourself of the foods you love. 

2B Mindset, created by a registered dietitian nutritionist, is a flexible approach to weight loss that lets you eat larger volumes of food to help you feel satisfied (physically + emotionally), with an approach to accountability that will keep you on-track every day.

Ultimate Portion Fix will give you control over food by managing portions with color-coded containers to help you create delicious, perfectly-portioned meals that align to your goals.

You’ll also get a 30-day free membership to Nutrition+, one of BOD’s best-kept secrets! This subscription provides you with new monthly recipes, meal plans, expert advice, and access to exclusive communities of people like you to keep you accountable, support you during tough days, and cheer you toward your goals. 

7. Picking Your Package: Majorly Discounted Bundles for New First-Time Customers. Get an additional $40 off when you sign up as a Preferred Customer (ask me for details)!


  1. Let’s Make a Change: Deluxe Challenge Pack
  • Shakeology (30-Day supply) + a Shakeology shaker cup
  • Energize (for before your workouts), Recover (for after your workouts) and a Let’s Get Up shaker cup

2. Let’s Get Up: Basic Shakeology Challenge Pack

  • Shakeology (30-Day Supply) + a Let’s Get Up shaker cup

3. Let’s Get Up: Basic Performance Challenge Pack

  • Energize (for before your workouts), Recover (for after your workouts), and a Let’s Get Up shaker cup

All 3 options for Let’s Get Up Challenge Packs Include:

  • Annual Beachbody on Demand Membership + VIP Early Access to Let’s Get Up
  • First 30 days of Nutrition+
  • 2B Mindset Nutrition program + tracker
  • Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition program + portion fix containers
  • Access to 1:1 coaching + community support

8. Picking Your Package Special Bundles FOR MY CURRENT Customers

Let’s Make a Change: Deluxe Completion Pack

  • Shakeology (30-Day supply) + a Shakeology shaker cup
  • Energize (for before your workouts), Recover (for after your workouts) and a Let’s Get Up shaker cup

Let’s Get Up: Basic Shakeology Completion Pack

  • Shakeology (30-Day Supply) + a Let’s Get Up shaker cup


Let’s Get Up: Basic Performance Completion Pack

  • Energize (for before your workouts), Recover (for after your workouts), and a Let’s Get Up shaker cup

All Let’s Get Up Completion Packs Include:

  • VIP Early Access to Let’s Get Up
  • First 30 days of Nutrition+
  • 2B Mindset Nutrition program + tracker
  • Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition program + portion fix containers
  • Access to 1:1 coaching + community support

9. Most Popular Add-Ons

Check out my absolute favorite add-ons!

While the amounts posted are the regular pricing, you just might get a discount adding these to your Let’s Get Up bundle 😉

see more about each item here: Bevvy , Beachbars , Hydrate , Collagen , Recharge , Foam Roller

Who else was counting down the days to “Let’s Get Up”? Well, it’s HERE! BUY NOW

Shaun T’s newest program releases for VIP Coach Members on April 19th and I cannot wait to put a dose of positive energy + sweaty cardio into my current routine! 

Let’s Get Up is a complete fitness program, combining dance, fitness and Shaun T’s inspiring leadership into six, sweat busting workouts a week! In 30 minutes or less, any person, with any fitness level, can get up, get moving and know they are in for a great workout! In addition to the workouts, this program brings a positivity and light that we could all benefit from adding to our day. Lastly, the program is equipment free so you can incorporate it easily in your routine, wherever you are! 

Let’s Get Up is available for Early Access on May 3rd for customers, but RIGHT NOW for any VIP Coach Members!

Join my waitlist (click here) to get more info and chat on how to get “Let’s Get Up” added to your workout library today!

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