MAY 2022 wellness club enrollment open

How can you make every day count? How can you have a bigger impact and be content when you go to sleep every night? You’re invited to “Make Your Mark” – a 4-week challenge to feel more active, accomplished, and aligned each day.

“But, I already have such a busy day! You’re really going to add MORE to my plate?”

The short answer is YES, we are! The longer answer is… do the “to-dos” you have to do each day serve you? Are you being intentional with your time or just used to the feeling of “busy”? I want to talk about making our mark in small ways; ways that will give us more energy and joy in the long run!

Here are some topics I’m excited to cover this month:

❌ How can we make our mark each day? What actions can we do that are small, but intentional to serve God well through life/health/people/fitness and give back to others?

❌ What is blocking the flow of our days? How can we adjust our schedules to make more time for us so we can better serve others?

❌ Are you bored with your routine? What workout, recipe, and personal development shifts can we make to fire up our day-to-day?

Sound like exactly what you need to make a difference this May?

Fill out my enrollment interest form here or Email “MAKE YOUR MARK” to to save your spot and get more information on how to join us!

Have a question? Feel free to ask it, I’m an open book!

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