Ready to Run/Walk/Cycle with me? 30 Day Breakaway is Coming!

Are you ready to breakaway from your comfort zone and try a new running ( or walking ) and weightlifting program with me? If you’re not a runner, don’t want to walk either, then I’d LOVE to see you try this routine on your home bike & feel the burn!!! Get the info here and SIGN UP FOR UPDATES so I can keep you in the loop!! This would be PERFECT to supplement your gym routine with some home cardio & weight training, or just to shake things up going into Fall.

Test a free Running + Resistance Training 35min Outdoors or Indoors Workout for me!

The free sample workout to my sister company’s new running resistance program dropped Monday and is available for all my current & new customers to try right NOW! This workout has two components – a strength section with weights – because good runners are strong runners – and then the running section, where you have the choice of running indoors or taking it outside.