21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 13 – My Progress

I want to preface this post by saying YOU DO NOT have to do an extreme program to drop a dress size.  I dropped a full dress size the first time I did the original 21 day fix.  Okay, onward to today’s post…


21 Day Fix Extreme – Day 13
My Progress:

I was able to complete more of these half moon curtsy lunges than last week, and I’m still modifying on renegade rows with pushup.  But definitely feeling stronger, more endurance.

Looser pants!  Whoop!  I started 21dfx with a goal to reach a size 6, y’all… never been a 6 as an adult, so I’m aiming for new territory I’ve never been in.  Ready to take that leap of faith!  Gonna work it til I reach it!

Wanna be in one of my challenge groups?

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