Time to Shed OFF and FILL Up.

The snow is long gone, now, and it’s time to shed the sweat pants, the heavy coats, the cover-ups… and we may start to also want to shed a few unhealthy thoughts about our health habits and body image with them!

Ugh… ever catch yourself meditating on things NOT so gracious in regards to your health and body… or even personality and habits?
Ever tried to STOP in that moment and turn it AROUND … ? 


Here is how we do it:

We put on, switch our focus, or, in other words, we FILL OUR MINDS with the positive, true, forgiving and  BEST thoughts about ourselves, our intentions,  and what we managed to get RIGHT, despite our imperfect selves.

Sure. We still missed the mark on so many things last week (and the week before that).  Heck – we messed up just this morning somehow, I guarantee it!  But we don’t have to allow every thought and feeling and subsequent action fall captive to that one diminishing thought or “bad” habit.

We can CHOOSE  to kick that thought to the curb, and squash it out – drown it, flood it, push back at it- with the loving thoughts of our God, Who created us as wonderful, beautiful, “MORE than conquerors” beings, in HIS image.

Decide right now to put in your mind the thoughts that are noble, just, gracious, true, beautiful, compelling, reputable, AUTHENTIC (that one is my favorite, I think).

Whoo!!!  Our minds are so powerful.  Which direction are your thoughts taking you this morning?

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