Giveaway June 29th only!

JUST the giveaway details for ya!! Ends tonight at 10PM CST so go for it — quick!!
Have you seen my LIVE ‪#‎Giveaway‬ video yet?? As I was holding up some of the gifts I thought of several of our friends who have reached out – Are you one of them??. Did you see it?? It ends tonight at 10pm CST!! Go take advantage of ME 😉

Where’s your focus lately? On or off those health+fitness goals?? Let me help!
As you can see in Monday’ s LIVE video chat … our JULY Faith for Fitness Challenge & Accountability group “Beyond the Shore” is centered on faith and facing fears, stepping up and launching out into deeper waters … reaching for the abundant life in our health, eating, & fitness efforts –

{{{ BY THE WAY/…. besides our faith for fitness group, we ALSO have an entirely NEW fitness group all about fun with LIVE weekly workouts to stream online and do TOGETHER — how cool is that?? PM me if you’d like to know more about THAT one! }}}

SO! Take a look over my last 2 videos posted… and Let me know which one sounds most interesting and we can talk it out and get the one that fits YOU best.

I’d love to have your challenge pack in your hand, with every tool & resource you need — plugged into our group for support and accountability — and ready to get started!! Prep week is all about getting our minds, pantries, and hubbies — oh I mean households – ready LOL.. Then we start working out together July11th!
Our team and I are here to support you! P.S…. Like those ‪#‎mermaid‬ tights in the pic??? Yep… those are being given away EACH WEEK in our challenge!!

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