Honey Crunch Canteloupe

I discovered this awesomely scrumptious (and a little sweet) snack recipe when my daughter was choosing her top “wanna try” snacks from her school’s 21 day healthy snack challenge. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Can’t wait to make it again with berries or apples!

I love the idea of our kids creating healthy tasty lightly sweetened snacks that can also double as desserts like this one! I usually have a bit of a sweet tooth after dinner… so this is a welcome treat as supper time winds down and we start the kids’ showers and bedtime routines!

As with anything…, the easier the better….right?! I am NOT a baker LOL… my hubby does a better job creating a cake than I do! So this type of “dessert” is MY kind of dessert! Lol no baking required!

Allow me to share this recipe idea with you!


1/2 – 3/4 cup chopped canteloupe

1 tsp of honey

2 tbsp of granola

2 tbsp Greek yogurt


Place cantaloupe in a bowl and spoon Greek yogurt on top. Then drizzle honey and sprinkle granola on top.

That is IT!! ENJOY!!!

SOOOO simple, right? And surprisingly yummy!

Would you try this recipe? Maybe swap out cantaloupe for blackberries or oranges?? I wanna hear your ideas.

One thought on “Honey Crunch Canteloupe

  1. I’ve done something similar but I omit the honey, (I’m not a sweet tooth at all) and add walnuts instead of granola which is also loaded with sugar normally.


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