Diets Don’t Work for Me – Everything you need to know to be in our HFLC 12 Week Beta Test Group

Finally Break The Cycle. Finally Take Control of your Fitness Journey.

One Group to end them all!!

Can you relate to this picture?

We have been led to believe that weight and health are more about mathematical equations than about biological changes… and it is time to turn the lights back on, expose what is at the root of what’s causing our hormone and autoimmune symptoms, cholesterol and blood sugar trouble, stubborn belly fat and sudden weight gain, sleep and energy struggles, …and finally have our AHA moment of freedom in health and fitness for LIFE!

Take the “diet” out of our nutrition and learn how to eat for ENERGY, LEAN MUSCLE, STRENGTH, AND TRUE HEALTH from the inside out.

Have you gained weight or stopped losing weight for NO APPARENT REASON? Are you at the point where you feel like you can’t find ANYTHING to keep your body healthy long-term? Do you feel like nothing works for you or your body must be broken? Have you almost resorted to the fact that you may never find the solution? Maybe you have tried the latest magic shake, purple pill, drink, wrap, patch, point system, portion control plan, meal prep kit or even exogenous ketones – and you’re still not happy..

Are YOU truly ready for CHANGE, to stop this broken cycle and finally gain control of your health and your body… your QUALITY OF LIFE for the first and final time ?


Please note …this is NOT A QUICK FIX and will NOT BE AN EASY, OVERNIGHT MIRACLE. This is also not one of my “normal” fitness challenges. This is different. I am a participant WITH you but also Your Advocate along the way.

What To Expect….


VIDEO #2:  Here is a tad bit more from Melissa and Lauren:

You will be committing to a 12 week beta test group in 3 stages lasting 4 weeks each, where you will be
– Challenging conventional diet wisdom
– Asked to Eat In An Unconventional Way


Requirements….Space is extremely limited and requirements to obtain access to this group include:
– An Investment for Phase 1 of about $160
– Full Commitment to the program as designed in its Entirety
– A Willingness to Change EVERYTHING!!!If budget is a concern, I can help you with the budgeting and the cost!! Don’t let that stop you!The goal is to first help you learn how to take control of your body, health, mindset, habits, and total wellness once and for all. And second, to receive your valuable feedback for how well the program worked for you, your experiences through the process that can help our team experts tweak and refine it for future launch!What would that be worth to you to finally have have someone a team of expert guide you to the answer for your body so you know what and why has been happening, and what would you be willing to do to finally have that control?True Health Begins with Real Food , Real Reasons, and Real Solutions for Real Life

If you are ready for this journey that starts November 27th the Monday after Thanksgiving, message me NOW to secure your spot and get first steps in this test group before you get wait listed!

🤚I can only take 5 people and 5 people MUST join the beta test group with us to complete it together. This is why I encourage you to CONSIDER asking a spouse or friend that you KNOW could also benefit in their health or fitness to do it WITH us.

This can be the opportunity for you to once and for all find now why your body has stopped or perhaps never responded to traditional dieting advice and find a solution what works for your body for fat loss… better cholesterol and blood sugar numbers… weight loss… inflammation… gut health… autoimmune problems… thyroid issues… insulin resistance… hormone imbalance…

… the list goes on and on… but why? What is happening here? Let’s get to the root issue !

Your Expert Support Team….

We have put together an AMAZING support team to help you through this 12 Week Beta, check them out below!

Dr Lauren Fitzgerald

After leaving work as a Physician to pursue her passion in helping people get healthier and work out more, Dr Fitz has made an explosive entry in to the health and fitness coaching community. With a huge social presence her Dance Fitness YouTube Channel has in excess of 300,000 YouTube Subscribers and her FITz n Healthy Podcast consistently attracts great listener numbers.

Melissa “Abs” McAllister

Melissa has been studying nutrition for years. Known for her MADE diet, and her 8 hour ab diet, Melissa has been biohacking her body for years and keeps current in latest developments in Diet and Nutrition. She’s also a hugely successful health and fitness coach, helping people transform their bodies with home based workouts combined with solid nutrition.

Amanda Dewey

Despite her AMAZING Fitness Credentials (She’s a Master Trainer and a Fitness Instructor), Amanda brings a REAL Perspective to the group which many of you will be able to associate with. She’s a busy Mom of 4 beautiful children ranging from a Toddler to a Teenager, she is going to be the one who shows how you can fit this into your busy life and STILL Make it work. She won’t take ANY of your excuses.

(Me as your Coach)!

Angel Ballance has a background in addictive behaviors counseling and women’s ministry leadership. After over a decade of experience, she followed her inner desire to find solutions for health and healing through nutrition, and discovered a new passion for helping others take control of their health and fitness – especially in the areas of mind-emotion connections to habits, a faith perspective to getting fit, and a renewed self-image and self-confidence. Now an active fitness instructor, blogger, and virtual healthy lifestyle coach, she enjoys making “Life Fit” with her husband, Donald, and their 3 children.

And we’re BEYOND excited to add to our Beta Group….

Chris Downing

Chris Downing brings a completely new approach to fitness and nutrition. His philosophies and training methods are a mix of science-based sports training with experience-based sports playing, blending the classroom and the playing field. He’s a personal trainer whose goal is to unleash the greatness within everyone. He knows it’s not about what you can do, or what he knows—rather, it’s about what you can both accomplish together. After playing college sports, Chris took the most proven training methods and tailored them toward helping everyone from pro and amateur athletes to everyday gym-goers achieve powerful goals. On top of that, he works hard to make every single workout fun, intense, and inspirational. Hailing from the football mecca of Canton, Ohio, Chris has seen firsthand what a tough, driven mind can accomplish with the right guidance. Chris created The Shift Shop and is a Beachbody Master Trainer!

If you had a medical doctor, a nutrition expert, a master trainer / instructor, a Celebrity trainer, and also a coach in ONE group for 3 Months to work with you on health, fitness, and the metabolic/hormone imbalance symptoms in your body – that could be blocking your weight loss and fat loss efforts – What value would that bring to your life?

With that team of experts day in and day out with you – what would ot worth it for you to consider that a fair investment for yourself or for recommending to a friend? What if it ALSO included a monthly shipped 30 day supply of optimal meal and dense superfoods nutrition supplement that covered your digestive enzymes, your vitamins and minerals, your probiotics, your adaptogens (for stress)? What if it ALSO included customized meal plans that told you exactly what and when to eat? What if it ALSO included workout schedules and routines you can stream from your phone or tablet anywhere ? What if it ALSO included LIVE calls and group support?

If , with all of that expertise, resources, and support – you had your breakthrough understanding for why traditional dieting advice (like cutting calories, exercising more, portion control) has not worked for you AND you finally were able to get the kind of results you had hoped for in both real health and fitness (cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation, hormone, as well as fat loss, weight loss, lean muscle) during those 3 months with the expert group – Would about $160 be worth it to you? What about $130? What about $100 a month for 3 months?

And at the end of 3 months… you keep ALL the workouts, meal plans, and your coach…

Interested in being a part of that? Fill in the form below and mention to me your number$ and let’s make it happen for you! We begin 11/27. Must register BEFORE that date!

Time is Running Out for you to join this EXCLUSIVE Beta Test Group…..

I must be your assigned coach and you must be 18 years old or older to participate. U.S., UK, or Canada residents only.

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