Let’s Binge

lets binge train the tastebuds

Friday night and I’m binging on two things : 1) video team trainings for how to more effectively share my story and 2) lots of greens and superfoods to fill in all the shocking gaping holes in my nutrition today 🙃. Lol.

I see all these mamas who can eat nothing but bacon and grease and grass fed beef and my tummy is saying… give me all the spinach, lemon, and coconut oil !! Too much meat and fat makes me queasy, tbh. I need balance. My body craves the after feels of greens and avocado. ♡

Don’t get me wrong… I love bacon and beef…and while I’ve always enjoyed a big ol bowl of salad, it was mostly also usually covered in tons of shredded cheese and 1000 island or French dressing off the shelf. This is the way I ate salad through middle school and my teens… til some 15 years later when I finally discovered they were perpetuating the symptoms in my body I would need to heal nutritionally if I wanted to end the cycle of medicating and misery.

So… I set out to do the work. had to TRAIN my taste buds to enjoy homemade dressings with oil and vinegar, and handfuls of spinach instead of iceberg. When I do not feel like chewing.. I blend it in my chocolate or vanilla shake. And then some days like tosay I do both! 😘

But make no mistake… it still took time, and self discipline to teach my body to ENJOY those foods in that way. Eventually … the other stuff didn’t taste so great anymore and I could definitely feel the difference when I ate the ‘old way’. Lol..

I started hflc a year ago, (just another step along my journey to life fit from the inside out. 🥓🌱) and for me, my way is making sure all God’s micronutrients for my health are in play, as well as the macros. My body just feels better when I choose more living foods, more often. When I neglect greens and seeds and nuts and healthy fats… my body literally drags. I’m physically and mentally tired.

So on days like today… when I had a double patty bunless burger 😰🤔and sweet potato for meal 1 at noon… and didn’t bother to eat again til 7p… well… let’s just say we got some catching up to do! #letsbinge


P.S. HFLC group starts 11/27 Email coachangelb@gmail.com to join us!

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