Eating for healing

When I first started eating Higher Fat and Intermittent Fasting, I kept it to myself because honestly it is NOT mainstream diet and I didn’t want the extra opinions and criticism while I was trying it out for myself. Let’s face it… it goes against SO MUCH of what we have been taught in the dieting world — but I was searching for answers to the things that ailed me and I didn’t want to live on medications.. I just KNEW there had to be a way to do it through the foods I eat.

HFLC and IF are, in recent years, revolutionizing the nutrition scene and proving we can eat healthy fat to be more energetic, leaner, and healthier — reversing a huge list of cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation, autoimmune and hormonal symptoms from the inside out!!

We are making it stupid easy in our team beta test group starting Nov 27 after Thanksgiving! You are asking questions and I want you to have answers…. YES it can be customized and YES it will be easy and YES it is different than traditional high fat (keto) with NO carbs  that you probably see – and for GOOD REASON!!  Who can live like that honestly for long term – especially just starting out??

Y’all seem to ALWAYS hear from me and well… it’s just little ole me, right? So, I thought…instead of another video of just me talking… why not share this video with you so you can hear from 2 of the experts on our team who will be hosting and serving YOU inside our EXCLUSIVE higher fat beta test group?

Join Dr Lauren Fitz , Amanda Dewey, Celebrity Fitness Trainer Chris Downing and Nutritionist Melissa McAllister , and me for the group of your life!

Click the video button below to get the details and Private message me to register for this 3 month one-of-a-kind group, tailor made to serve YOU and YOUR needs for health and fitness goals! Don’t wait another 3-4 months to start getting healthy – you are worth the investment and attention. Do it now. 😉

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