Make me “Fit”

When God gave me the name “Life Fit” it was during a time I had a great desire to create a space that people could begin to see and apply God’s Word to their health and fitness goals.

I was kinda tired of only seeing images and messages that left women feeling less than or less valued unless they were hard muscled and 2% body fat and with the perfect silouette.  In the same vein, I wanted to be able to promote God’s will for women to be strong, confident, healthy and whole – from the inside out!  To be empowered to invest in their nutrition and health and well-being … Body-Soul-Spirit.

I said a prayer – Lord, I want to be fit in my body, sure – I want to have muscle and endurance, strength and power.  But God, help me to also be fit in my mind, my emotions, my decision making, my motherhood, my relationships, and in my worship.  Despite my past, make me fit = whole, complete, and well-suited to the assignment you’ve given me to serve during my time in this world.

defy fear lifefitmama

“Living Life Fit” is all about living life full and to the overflow…reaching for all God has for us in THIS life! As you worship today (it is Sunday as I write this), remember the “FIT” part starts on the inside FIRST. Jesus demonstrated God’s desire for our level of living in health and wellness when he went everywhere teaching and healing. Then He went a step further through His Son’s resurrection… made it so that His Spirit could lead and guide our spirit + soul + body together… accomplishing wholeness AND health from the inside out. Not only for our good, but for the good of others who witness our transformations.

His ways are higher!! His Word and His promises apply to all of life. His love is all-encompassing. Health and Fitness INCLUDED. ♡

Mamas, do you feel guilty investing in your health? The extra time to exercise and plan meals? The extra money to purchase quality food and supplements?

All too often I think we put aside our health and strength to be not of as much priority and necessity. If we would open our mind to the possibility… I believe we would see our bodily health is important to our Creator, just as our soul and spiritual well being is… and with good reason.

I believe God would have us love Him out of ALL our being… body included.

He said, “That you love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence—and that you love your neighbor as well as you do yourself.” – Luke 10:27 MSG

best of me lifefitmama

In giving time to being healthy and strong, we do not serve ourselves out of selfishishness…. but we serve Him out of good stewardship for that which has been entrusted to us, we serve as a positive influence to those around us, and we serve our families out of the best version of ourselves possible.


strong life fit mama


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