Mama Coffee Chat: Introducing Part Two of our Make Your Mark “In The Marketplace”

Hey, y’all! Grab your cup of coffee or refill your water bottle and come chat with me real quick

We’re talking about developing a marketplace ministry mindset for our business and “job life” – no matter what your profession is!!

Introducing Part Two of our Make Your Mark series!

Have you ever considered the fact that Jesus was a small business owner? Or that many of his disciples were in a family business? Is spiritual work and leadership only the responsibility of those called to be preachers and teachers in full time ministry?

Have you ever considered how you yourself could be in a unique position to impact others in your job or business?

We are closing the chapters 1-8 for “In the Home” and beginning now in our series with our first of 7 coffee chats from the “In the Marketplace” section of our Make Your Mark devotional.

Join me each Monday morning for our Mama Coffee Chats LIVE! Angel Ballance – Life fit Mama Facebook Page

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