Was joy the wrong word for my 2020? Here are my thoughts… and… a reminder: Guard your ears, eyes, and hearts on what you allow to seep through your soul filter in the coming days. Focus on that eternal joy as our external world is being shaken. Eyes fixed on Jesus.

3 steps I took to overcome Binge Eating

Every time I open up and get raw and real about my #bingeeating past, I receive so many Private messages from women who have lived or are living that same reality… and most every time the same fears pop up – the fear that you’re not strong enough to overcome it , and the fearContinue reading “3 steps I took to overcome Binge Eating”

A Heart Shift: Shining Light on the Lies Fear Speaks

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17 NIV. This is one of those scriptures that hit me between the eyes and I felt like a fire in my belly when I started workingContinue reading “A Heart Shift: Shining Light on the Lies Fear Speaks”

100 Days to Brave – Day 17 – Dig Into the Word for Yourself

“How can she be so lit up from the inside out and on fire about the Bible, and it seem like such a chore or boring task to you – something you know you “should” do, or “have” to do??”

Welp… y’all… Annie apparently used to feel the same way! Today’s devo was so encouraging to read…. join me?

100 Days to Brave – Day 17 – Dig Into the Word for Yourself

100 Days to Brave – Day 11 – Your Mind

Look around at your life.  What could be better?  What are you not so satisfied about?  What situation or circumstance are you currently frustrated about or just waiting for the day to come when you’ll be able to change things? EVERYTHING in our life first originated as a THOUGHT.  Our mind can only create somethingContinue reading “100 Days to Brave – Day 11 – Your Mind”

100 Days to Brave – Day 10 – Your Feet

In what ways and in what relationships are you already leading others? Are you a mother leading her children, a manager leading a night crew, a coach leading a team, a compassionate stranger offering encouragement to a frazzled and frustrated stranger? A missionary in another country? A local bible study host? A teacher, a minister,Continue reading “100 Days to Brave – Day 10 – Your Feet”