Carbs for Breakfast – Yay or Nay in your book??

We’ve all been trained to believe breakfast (your first meal of the day) is the most important meal of the day, right?  If you’re like me, however, you may notice sometimes after breakfast you don’t feel so hot.  In fact, maybe you feel bloated or tired or even more frequently hungry.

Every body is different, and health & fitness goals are completely unique for everyone. What has been your experience?

If interested at ALL – LOL – Here is why I started looking at my breakfast and decided to skip the carbs first thing in the morning:

So – Tell me!

If you happen to be interested in slowly decreasing your starchy carbs week-to-week, relying more on plant based carbs & whole clean foods, without drastically quitting carbs cold turkey (then binging like a crazy person – oh is that just me?),AND seeing crazy good body fat reduction start happening that would surprise you, I have (what I think is) the perfect meal plan for you!

Would you be interested? Are these things you have dabbled in or been curious about? Possibly even started then abandoned?

We will start this slow 3 week transition in my online group… starting this summer 2018! Then for everybody who is ready you will have the option to continue on to phase 2 (my secret weapon not many of you know about)! Or start again at day 1.   My “Secret Weapon”  will only be revealed in the group at the end of our 3 week meal plan that starts soon, so ….

So don’t wait! Click & join us now. Nothing to lose… but your health to gain, right?

Fill out my online interest form here and include these 3 words “3 Week Shift”  if you want to make the switch to higher fat lower carb lifestyle with us and I’ll reach out 😉.

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