“Anointed for Business” MamaChat Live Devo & Prayer – Make Your Mark Series

Hey, Jesus-loving mamas!!! Are you waiting to be “qualified” or have a title of pastor/teacher/missionary to share with people where your hope comes from? How can we start right where we are in all God-fidence??

Mamas, I’m bringing our weekly #makeyourmark devo & prayer with a side dose of some Priscilla Shirer awesomeness … LIVE ! today at 9:00AM CST in my Instagram Stories and my Life Fit Mama Facebook page! Will you join me?

Leave your prayer requests in the comments and grab your coffee… let’s talk about who God has called YOU to encourage and what to do about it!
This quote – heck that entire teaching – from Priscilla Shirer at #pinkimpact2018 is rattling me up inside and I’m ready to bubble over!!


Write down 3 ways you can take to start today!  Ask God to reveal to you who you are to encourage and how you can begin ministry in the marketplace today.  Ask Him about the  individuals already in your workplace, and even the “nation” of people that that one person may represent (the wounded, the brokenhearted, the divorced, the grieving, the sick, the hopeless, the fatherless, the depressed, the abused…).  Reach out with gentleness and respect, trusting God to do His part and willing to do your part in sharing with them where your hope comes from.  And just love on them!

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