Loving People Who Hurt You – Live Devo & Prayer

This is such a sensitive topic on my heart today, and I believe my nerves are very visible and palpable through this LIVE video I did on fb, ig, and youtube earlier this week.


What does loving people who hurt us look like?  How do we love them through the hurt and anger we may be experiencing?

It’s never the answer to fight hurt with more hurt.  Nor hate with more hate.  What the enemy meant to destroy us and make us his puppet in an already cruel relationship or messed up situation, we can choose to live from the heart in full courageous love from our “big F” Father in Heaven.

Here’s what the Holy Spirit revealed to me as I began to share from my heart through this devo, “Fully Alive” in our Make Your Mark book.  I hope it is a help and a hope to you.


See you next week for “Anointed for Business”



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