Make Your Mark: As a Leader “God Allows U-Turns”| Devo & Coffee Chat with Angel


Is today one of those days you feel like you need a “do-over”??  Has life gotten hum-drum boring or completely messy that you know it could be better, but… not sure how or where or you just feel downright discouraged or frustrated with things lately?  Need some clarity of purpose or direction to move towards?  Feel lost or confused?  Feel like your mindset kinda stinks as of late?

Are you afraid or resistant to admitting when you’re wrong or took a wrong turn somewhere?  Afraid to admit that you want to go a different direction now in life, career, health??  Are you completely frozen in your tracks or decision making because you’re afraid of making the wrong decision?  Or, do you feel like you’ve gotten distracted and overwhelmed and need a way out?

Sandy Jobe in today’s devotional reminds us that God allows U-Turns.  He is right now doing a new thing  and making a way!!


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