Cinnamon Spice Iced Cafe Latte

Every Bless-ed Day, I have a version of this Cinnamon Spice Iced Cafe Latte.  (Btw…. Can you hear the southern drawl making the word “blessed” 2 syllables)? 🤠🙌🏼

cinnamon spice iced cafe latte

Now, being a Southern Mama usually means we were likely brought up to be good stewards of our hard-earned money, good nurturers to the children God gifted us, and heartfelt affectionate to the husband willing to put up with us (if he knows what’s good for him LOL). But can I just say… I think somebody missed us southern mamas with the lesson of good caretakers for our one and only body – In other words, Our Health. Most of my upbringing we didn’t know the difference or we didn’t have a choice. We were on food stamps dependent on the government approved foods and we were in the 90’s diet coke and low fat fake foods fad era to boot… but I am not dissin’, or fussin’, so much as I’m just determined to right a wrong – Which is something else us Southern Mamas learnedn right!?

So, Mamas – here it is: Don’t dismiss ANYTHING solely because of carb count or cost !!

This right here is my health insurance, my due diligence to being a good steward over my health and my family’s health, my post workout recovery, my carpool lane “me time” and pick me up, my guarantee that I’ve fueled my body well with whole real nutrient dense food and… it’s also my daily treat.

Y’all know you wouldn’t buy the cheapest car seat for your baby or the cheapest work shoes for your man to wear in the shop. You wouldn’t ever NOT eat brussels sprouts ever again just because they have 2g of God-designed sugar per cup, right?

hey yall

It is always ultimately UP TO YOU to decide what is GOOD for you, but Mama… hear my heart, please. If I ever learned a thang from my southern upbringing it was this:

Don’t ever let a trend or anybody else decide what is GOOD and right for YOU! God gave you a brain… use it. ♡ He gave you a mother’s intuition… trust it! Trust that YOU can do your own research to figure out what YOU need. You can do your homework, talk to a trusted friend who has experienced it, listen to a trusted authority or nutrition expert who can back their stuff up, and THEN establish YOUR own glorious GOOD decision!🤗❤️

P.S. I was also taught barefoot in the house is best … somethin’ good stuck with me, I guess 🤣😘.

If you want the recipe…. here ya go!

If you’re wondering about that new Pumpkin Spice shake I was talking about, click here!

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