100 Days to Brave – Day 10 – Your Feet

In what ways and in what relationships are you already leading others? Are you a mother leading her children, a manager leading a night crew, a coach leading a team, a compassionate stranger offering encouragement to a frazzled and frustrated stranger? A missionary in another country? A local bible study host? A teacher, a minister, a social media influencer, a lifestyle vlogger?

Today, Annie encourages us to thank God for those ways in which we already are leading others, and ask God for new opportunities to lead and serve. Inspired by the devo, I (Angel) share with you how, when I had to leave the comfort of my previous “job” and position in ministry, having no clue what my future assignment would look like, God graciously guided my FEET into a new place to serve, and how I knew it was HIM opening that opportunity for me to lead in a new way.

#100dayswithAngel #100DaystoBrave Day 10 – Your Feet

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