Deciding Your Day = Creating Your Life

“Mama, why are you aways so dancey and energetic?”

That’s a legit thing in my house 🤣…. Especially my 10 yr old when she’s in her quiet mood in the mornings. My kids often will hear me tell them that things like happiness, kindness, and joy are a CHOICE we make – no matter what kind of day we’re having, we get to CHOOSE how we are going to treat people around us and what kind of experience in life we want for ourselves that day.

WE GET TO DECIDE what kind of day we’re going to have!
Stack those days together, and we’ll be creating the LIFE we want to live!

I mean, I don’t walk around with a smile and a cheerful voice 100% of the time and I definitely have challenging days that make me want to curl up in bed and checkout – really, I do. But through an intentional journey to selflove, I’ve gotten clear on what makes ME happy and not just what makes OTHERS around me happy that would sometimes STEAL MY JOY instead of ADDING joy to my life. I’ve drawn boundaries in my heart and mind to guard and protect my PEACE.

I’m clear on what my priorities are for both me and my family. I spend majority of my time doing those things and dreaming up new ways to make those things happen. I can’t always decide what circumstances make their way into my life, but I sure can decide how I respond to them and how happy/positive minded I’ll be in spite of them. If every time something bad happened, I threw the towel in and focused on sulking more than on seeking WHAT I NEED TO DO to keep my priorities for health and happiness in the picture, I’d NEVER GET ANYTHING DONE FOR MYSELF. Period. I’d constantly be tossed to and fro like the wind – aimless and exhausted and achieving nothing.

This is ONE of the big reasons I’m so excited about my newest group forming next month. It will be MY FIRST ONE after becoming a Master Coach with a UPF Certification and experiencing the REvamped 21 Day Fix workouts LIVE every day with the Creator Autumn Calabrese. I’ll be taking everything from my intense nutrition training with her, combined with all my persoanl mindset and fitness experience , and delivering it at a whole new level of customized coaching into this group.

It’s gonna be more 1:1 interaction with my clients. We are focusing on going back to the basics with workouts, nutrition but also with our priorities – focusing on them! One of them being our relationship with our spouse and even a special focus on family nutrition for our kids. And I get it…. it’s not easy have a weekly date night OUT of the house – but it is possible to have them 1x a week IN HOME. So I’m bringing out some stay at home date night tips with me!

We will be sharing our favorite dinner dishes and mocktails for time with the hubs, comfort food and kid friendly meals healthified, AND how you can still enjoy the things you love WHILE getting results on your health and fitness journey!

We are calling it “Happy Healthy Home” and my 5 spots filled up so much faster than I anticipated!!! So I decided to open up 5 more….. but no more than that because I want to keep it a manageable size group of women I can truly give attention to! So if you want to be considered for 1 of the spots message me here and we can chat!



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