Life Fit Weekly: This week’s Family Dinners, Meal Plan Tip, Faith for Life Fit Talk

Want to know a secret? I am honestly a laughable mess in the kitchen. Seriously, I’m not trying to be humble- it’s true! I really enjoy home cooked meals (not so much the clean up after) , and I know the value of making meals at home vs eating out every night, not just in dollar but in my family’s overall nutrition. Plus, I like to think of meal times at home as a way of getting everyone in the family social with one another! Talking over prepping, giggling over messes, encouraging the kids’ efforts, and celebrating our successful dishes around the table. More times than not, the family working together helps save me from making every single meal a disaster LOL…. My husband is better at baking, my youngest really picks out some great recipes, my son is the resident chopper/dicer, and my oldest… well… she takes after me HAHA. What can I say, I just don’t have a chef’s touch! But I like to prepare meals for my fam anyway! How are you in the kitchen? Share your favorite dish in the comments below!

This week, we cooked up some pretty great dishes so far, and I’m sharing them with you in today’s blog post.

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My Family’s Dinner Plans this Week

Every week, I share my family’s dinner plan and a meal planning tip. Here’s this week’s! We chose some from our BOD library, and some from our fit club weekly meal plan (which I put together for my clients each week to coincide with their nutrition plan & fitness program).

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Keep reading for this week’s meal planning tips below!

My Meal Planning Tip of the Week

This week’s tip is about remembering your favorites! When planning meals for your family, especially if you have a few picky eaters, it can be super helpful to keep new-found as well as all-time favorites in rotation. Any time my hubby tastes something we cooked for dinner and says something like “oh wow – this is really good” with his eyebrows raised up in pleasant surprise… I’m saving that puppy!! And when BOTH hubs and kids all are looking to make sure there are still leftovers the next day? Oh that’s also a sign in my book!

This week I rotated back in a combination of a new family favorite from last month’s meal plan. We’ve made a honey and chicken pineapple skewer recipe a few times before and really enjoyed it, but we usually make it with red onion and bell peppers and a rosemary thyme marinade. When we tried the skewers with jamaican jerk seasoning – holy taste buds, batman! We LIKED! So, this week I revisited this dish with a couple of swaps to keep it fun –

  • We used the Jamaican Jerk seasoning blend again on pork instead of chicken
  • We used Mango instead of Pineapple (this was sooo yummy to me)!
  • We skipped the onion and just did bell peppers (red, yellow, orange).
  • We served the skewers with buttered brown rice which complimented the sweet mango and seasoning of the pork so so nicely!

Where can you do the same this week for your family?
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Faith for Life Fit Talk

We can start off strong JUST focusing on workouts and food… but when real life hits, we get thrown hard , realize we’ve not built up the INNER muscle for less than perfect times and circumstances. Which – HELLO – that’s LIFE. So when we’re trying to “make it a LIFE-STYLE” what do we do to stick it out thru the roughness, the inconvenience, and make our new desired habits stay for a LIFE-TIME no matter what’s going on around us ? Keep Reading

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Life is happening right now. You don’t need perfect abs to start living it.

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I have an exciting muscle burns fat fitness & nutrition program I’ve been testing and it’s awesome!!! AND NOW… It’s available to YOU!!!!.. Cool, right?
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🔥 It’s an at home program that can be done in 25-30 minutes a day.
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Y’all know I love these programs, combined with the community support and nutrition plans that give me amazing results and have helped me make fit a lifestyle, but if you follow me or know my HEART…

You also know I have always taught that health comes from the inside out – which means inside my fit club groups we work on more than just squats and crunches. We work on-

✨ building and maintaining health habits
✨ Rewriting our internal dialogue and learning to see ourselves through God’s eyes.
✨ How we FEEL is greater indicator to our progress than how much we weigh
✨ Faith infused motivation and mindset tips to create confidence, cut through the chaos and confusion of breaking habits that hold us back

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Free Virtual Workout Classes

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“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

In Sweat & Faith,


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