My one word for beginning 2020 and y’all …. here we are in November and I’m sure there are many who would tell me that I must’ve heard God wrong 😑… but I’d say He gave me exactly what He knew I’d need AHEAD of me knowing just how much I’d need it!!
It may not have looked like the year I thought it would be- but He’s still carried me through in new and surprising clarity, wisdom, and distinctions. Not to mention I’ve reached a new level of grasping for grace instead of striving for self-perfection. And my joy has been untainted by the external chaos because He has drawn my focus in over & over to His eternal.
My joy is complete when I’ve leaned on Him for the fulfillment of it. Like an ointment filling the cracked open creases of winter time feet, He has covered and soothed even the most sensitive of exposed & well-worn out wounds.

I am convinced we can’t create healing change outside ourselves without first welcoming healing change within ourselves. And I’m willing to expose some old wounds and stale thinking/believing for correction if it means more freedom for me and everyone in my life attached to it.

What if all of 2020 He is using to remind us He is our Source for everything good and perfect? For everything excellent, just, lovely?

Guard your ears, eyes, and hearts on what you allow to seep through your soul filter in the coming days. Focus on that eternal joy as our external world is being shaken. Eyes fixed on Jesus.

Love on people at every turn even if they’re on the opposite side of the aisle and don’t look, live, or vote like you think they should. There is no need to lose your peace, friendships, or sense of Whose you are based on ballots, numbers, decisions, or opinions.

Remain grounded in heartfelt prayer, strong in vision and purpose, connected and walking in the Spirit Who created us all, seeing everyone and every thing alive on this earth through His lens of love before opening your mouth or typing that text. Determine within yourself to speak life! He is still very much among us and for us.

In Sweat & Faith,


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