5 Reasons We Overeat

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One good thing from the last few crazy years around here?! The idea of treat vs cheat , anti-diet movements, being proud of doing healthy things for yourself, and taking time for self care has TOTALLY become a thing. #imallforthat 🙌👏


⭐Self care isn’t selfish, we’ve all heard said. The only badge of honor we get for putting ourselves last is… to put it eloquently:
a really SUCKY version of ourselves.
(IDK about you but I wouldn’t wanna be friends with me when I’m drained and my sanity is walking a fiiiiiine line! 👹). This is also when I personally am triggered to OVEREAT big time.
It doesn’t matter if I’m hungry or not – I’ll eat whatever, however much until I’m miserable, and sleep it off til the next day, wake up feeling crappy in my gut and head, slip into defeated thinking, do it all again.
I had to learn to recognize opportunities like GUILT and fatigue and over committing my energies and self neglect that led me to over eat opportunities… AHEAD of it actually happening… so I could prevent it.
Simply put: stress makes me eat when I let it. So I had to get control of my stress to help me get control of my eating.
I’m an advocate for enjoying treats in moderation, but ALSO I’m big on eating what promotes health FIRST, the majority of the time.
In my video above I share 5 common reasons (stress included) why we overeat. Next week I’ll share what to do about it.

In Sweat & Faith,


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