A Gratitude Heart-Check

No matter where you lead me, Lord, may my response always be, “Not my will, but may YOUR will be accomplished in all I do.”

Mamas… we are realizing that focusing on what we do not have only causes us to perpetuate never having it. When we consistently voice our complaints body, our appetite, or time and enthusiasm to workout, our unsupportive spouse, etc… we are indeed creating an environment to receive more of exactly what we spend our days complaining about.

But when we choose gratitude and #speakup to thank God for His promise of health and healing…of provision for our fitness goals in every way… it is amazing but truly that one small change in what we say, coupled with what we believe on our hearts, that is what crosses our level of living from just wishing over to fully walking into our dreams realized.

His Word (James 3:4, Proverbs 23:7, Mark 11:23) reminds us we are what we think in our hearts and what we say we shall have. So.. hmmm… What we are thinking about and speaking about, we continue to bring about…is that how that goes?

So… If I dwell on LACK of motivation, never having ENOUGH time to start, always MISSING opportunities, never finishing, and always losing interest… then that is exactly what will come to me over and over again. I attract more of what I say and believe.

So can I encourage you to join me in a gratitude heart check this week? When we use our words to express gratitude to God for what He has already provided in the spirit, we have just opened a door no man can shut.

Let’s open some doors in our fit walk this week, mamas!! Come sweat with me…

What workout did you do today?

In Sweat & Faith,


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