Cues in my Class + This week’s line up + When will I see results?

One thing I am super passionate about when I teach is to always remind you about form. This is so great to make sure we get the best results and are working out safely and effectively! Be honest- do you “zone out” and not really listen to the cues I give because it just burns so bad 😂 or maybe you’ve got your own music in your earbuds 🤷🏻‍♀️? Well, just so you know I am constantly reminding you of your body’s proper alignment through each movement, a strong core, where each move should be felt and why. 😆

It’s also important to carry those form cues with you throughout your daily activities, not just in your workout. For example, keeping your core tight is important for all daily functions. Especially if you’re a mama re-building or strengthening and healing your core, this is key! 👌 Keep it tight throughout the whole day and it will make a huge difference in your posture and overall comfort, as well as strength in your core and coordination throughout your whole body.

So that’s my challenge to you this week. I want to be the little voice in your head all day telling you to keep your core tight! 😉 Let me know if you tune in to class this week… how many times you hear me say it 😂 #brokenrecord

In WARRIOR Strength , and WARRIOR Revolution , we’re trying new lessons together!
In WARRIOR Rhythm, we are continuing to add on to Lesson 5 and a sneak peek of Lesson 10 Lift & HIIT to my virtual crew!
In Turbo Kick, we started a flashback to R73!! It’s a fun one with “Hit the Floors”, tuck jumps, back fists, and some shake & shred! And in MetCon we focus on chest & tris mid week.
I’m teaching alllll my classes this week but stay tuned for announcements midweek for possible changes.
Which class are you most excited about?!

We don’t know if it’s the new decade, the ring to ‘2022’ or just the usual excitement that comes with the new year, but we are SO excited for what’s to come!

And we want you to be too! That’s why we are kicking things off for the new year with a FREE goal setting group! That’s right, absolutely free 🎉 Starting THURSDAY right here inside this group.

Just because we know we could really use some direction with all this excitement, and we can’t be the only one…

It’s so easy to get caught up in ‘new year’s resolutions’ and big dreams for the new year. But did you know that only 25% of people stick with their resolution through the first 30 days?! And only 8% actually achieve their resolutions?! We’ll admit, we are totally guilty!

But not this year! Because we are ditching new year’s resolutions, and we are getting SMART instead! You see, the reason no one sticks with resolutions is because they are too broad & vague and have no real action or plan behind them. 👎

But with SMART goals, you can actually get clear on what it is you want to accomplish and how. It’s all about knowing exactly what to do in 2022!

Whether you’re currently working with us and following our workouts or one of our nutrition and fitness programs, or you have not followed anything in…a while…you are invited!

Ready? Join here

This is for anyone and everyone. Seriously, hit that button at the top of our group and invite your friends, too!

Faith for Life Fit REEL Talk

I know you don’t like this answer, but I wouldn’t be a good coach if I said otherwise. How long it took me to lose 50 pounds, overcome emotional eating, stop having intense sugar cravings, restore my gut health, feel in control of my choices and having fun with my results, enjoying the lifestyle to where it didn’t feel like a chore anymore… THAT WAS MY JOURNEY with God. You do yours. It’s gonna likely be similar in some ways, but also be different in others. And that’s ok. It doesn’t make mine better or yours worse. It makes it YOURS. Between you and God. I can guide you, teach you, share in the struggle with you. But you’ve got to cooperate. Not just with what I give you. But also with what He gives you. There’s some internal work that’s gonna have to happen before all the external work you’re practicing locks into its rightful place.

“But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait eagerly for it with patience and composure.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:25‬ ‭AMP‬‬

“For the vision is yet for the appointed [future] time It hurries toward the goal [of fulfillment]; it will not fail. Even though it delays, wait [patiently] for it, Because it will certainly come; it will not delay.”
‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2:3‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Stay close to the blog for more this week and I’ll See you soon!


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