Monday Motivation + My Classes this Week

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I’ve been there too many times to count, so I feel you. I know that fear well and how it creeps in all sly like. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be stopped. Dance in the face of your fear and walk through it like it has no more hold on you… and it won’t. Keep. Going.

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📌 In WARRIOR REVolution this week (spin), we’re riding Monday Lesson 3 for Heavy Leg & extra climbs, Wednesday Lesson 4 + bonus upper body, and Friday Lesson 5 + bonus core.
📌 WARRIOR Strength on Monday is the BRAND NEW Lesson 8! Come Tuesday for a dose of Lesson 1B Partner Workouts. On our brand new Wednesday morning spot we continue Lesson 6. Thursday we will Get Pumped with L6 and it is a brutal but exhilarating 30min.

*about Tuesday night: I will be at TFF LITTLE ELM this week!!! @kellerenee120 is subbing for me in The Colony so I can help sub for another instructor in Little Elm. Don’t skip class. Go to The Colony or go to Little Elm. Either way, you’re getting with WARRIOR Strength!!!

📌 WARRIOR Rhythm we will continue L6 with a splash of L5 this week, and completely embrace L5 by end of January. Virtual crew, Kathy is giving you L9 but expect the first taste of our brand new L10 with me mid January !!!
📌 Turbo Kick peeps… we are still rocking 67 but I’ve got some fun flashbacks coming so be on the lookout!! A special 30min virtual express night class is on Wed. 😊
📌 MetCon and HIIT/Tone, I’m bringing you a little focused work of legs & glutes on Thursday and Abs & Arms on Friday to close out the week virtually… but don’t forget @kathykfitness ‘s Barre Blend on Saturday .

Get guest passes and maps/directions for all of my Local Classes:

Attend all or some of my virtual classes by signing up at my Virtual Studio:

I’ve recently been invited to teach virtually as a guest instructor here as well:

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