Find Your Dress

You know how everyone tells you to find that one dress you want to fit into as a motivation?

Well, how about a dress you WANT to shrink OUT of??

How about a dress that you remember buying when you were in your former greatest shape EVER, but NOW you want to SURPASS??

How about a dress that you KNOW – if I put that dress on, and it doesn’t fit me right anymore… it means I’ve PROVEN TO MYSELF that I CAN do it??!

This is one of the dresses for me.


I purchased it for a friend’s wedding at the peak of fitness I was able to achieve ON MY OWN, in my own efforts, doing my own thing.  Struggling,  but getting there.  Atleast I had fit into a size 10 again… hadn’t been that since my wedding dress….


But one day I got hurt pretty bad.  Then I got tired of counting calories.  Then I got hurt again, and I couldn’t bring myself to workout.  I gained all my weight back, and I felt hopeless.

Until, I got my confidence back with PiYo and Shakeo.


Then, I educated myself on how to eat and lift weights again with 21 Day Fix.


I built up my endurance with P90.  I jumped again for the first time in over a year and fine-tuned my approach to nutrition with 21 Day Fix Extreme.



I pushed myself further with P90X3 and felt my core like never before.



Now, I’m returning to my first love in PiYo and just enjoying dancing again with CIZE….


And then, today.  I tried on a dress that I hadn’t since before all of that….


And KNEW that I had reached a place in health and fitness I have never been before…

And I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Find your dress.  Will you share it with me?  I want to see it!


Then mark your calendar.  Write down today’s date somewhere.

Today is the day YOU commit to getting yourself out of all that that dress symbolizes in your life that you’re tired of.  That you’re ready to be free of.  That you’re ready to PROVE to yourself that yes… YOU can do this!


#findyourdress #makeitmeansomething #writeitdown #makeitplain #decideanddo #redefineandrefine #lifefit #enjoyyourlife

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