Deep Down a Bit Hopeless [until suddenly] & An Invitation to The Coach Life: And Inside Look exclusive event

What could an extra $100.. $300.. $1200 a month do for you? What if you could make that multiply and watch your annual income become your new monthly income? What if you could do that, all the while working out at home, eating healthy(ier) (better for you, anyway, right)?, and sharing your normal, everyday experiences with other mamas, fitgirls, parents and friends on social media,  inspiring them towards starting their own journey? Would it be worth it?

I’ve considered so many ways to TRY to express in the best way this offer we have  taken the entrepreneurial leap towards, this opportunity of a lifetime, to put into words by video and by text what it could do for you, my friends and our families? But here’s the deal…. I can’t, really.
For me, I had to DO the research (I looked up plenty of coaches who also happen to blog, dug into chat rooms and youtube vids, talked to my coach and my husband, prayed and ultimately decided to BELIEVE in myself!  I knew I could do this and was eager to share what had already changed my life from the inside out…
In my digging through all the chat rooms and youtube videos,  I learned how a little coaching opportunity has changed EVERYTHING for so many families. I realized upfront that it doesn’t happen over night. It takes hard work…. and oftentimes 3 to 5 years to experience the full financial freedom…  But I also realized that it is one of those opportunities that becomes the most fulfilling ways to LIVE – really live – and create a full life of freedom (financial, physical, even spiritual) by design.
Let me say that, when I first found Beachbody, I was 35+lbs overweight, stressed to the max financially and emotionally, a desire to be home as much as possible for my kids and active in my church/community, my head often spinning in search of solutions to paying off my school loans (not to mention ways to save for my kids’ activities plus the reality that college tuition for THEM was also fast approaching) , but ultimately feeling admittedly a bit hopeless , deep down, doubting that there was really a true way to make it all happen. I found myself just existing most days…. looking at the bright side of very frugal living and choosing to make the best of it.



I had had my 3rd child baby weight back on again, injured my back twice 2 years in a row and it hurt to workout, so I just gave up.  I knew that no one else could change how I felt in my own skin FOR me – I’d have to do the work myself… and I was SO ready… but I had tried everything from weightloss shakes to pills, calorie counting apps and Pinterest workouts…. but STILL the weight had come back – and now I couldn’t workout without pain!  ANd I felt so alone in my struggle.  I needed a real, new solution. A solution, that came with support, but I could still workout at home and did not require a gym membership to pay and commute for.

It came to me through a neighbor friend inviting me to try PIYO – and I loved it so much, I just wanted to share it with others. I suddenly realized that sharing it with others would begin to cover the cost of my post workout shakes, and then would become an opportunity to cover the bills and recital costumes, and lunch money, and those school loans!!  We could grow a real savings, start planning real vacations, and the burden would be lifted… that one day, this little coaching opportunity that helped me become and stay fit and healthy, would grow into a sustaining and profitable income for my family’s entire future.

Best part about this “job” is I get to pay it all forward to help someone see their dreams come true. Whether to just lose weight, earn bill money, pay off debt, take care of your family, or finally be present in their lives, anything is possible.

Fill out the form below or message me and let’s see if it’s a perfect fit for you. Mama, it’s time to dream again! .

(To make lawyers happy – I think it goes without saying — it’s not guaranteed; you indeed have to put in the work for it).

SOOO…. here’s the scoop!


Our team is EXPANDING and we are looking for other women – working mommies, stay at home mommies, part-time and even full-time career wives (and husbands, too) — all walks of life because this opportunity is NOT limited to any one type of individual — who are MOTIVATED, POSITIVE, DRIVEN…LOVE HELPING OTHERS…. and who want to reach your fullest potential!!

So I am going to be offering an EXCLUSIVE Informational Opportunity for you to hear what coaching is all about this week.

This opportunity will start at 8:00 am CST in a private online Facebook group where only the members of the group can see what is being posted.  I will be sharing in the group a series of 5-7 short videos on what is coaching, how to launch and grow your business, how to get started, how you actually make money and then immediately after you’ll be able to ask questions and get answers  on everything that you want to know about the business.  If you are going to join my team, I want to make sure you are comfortable and confident with the support and the guidance that I will offer you as your coach, and the support of your fellow team leaders!!

To join the private group event this week (March 21st – 26th) , Join the Facebook group and then email me at with your name and “Coach Life Sneak Peek” to be approved!

{You are not eligible to participate if you are already a coach}
Don’t wait because the event is 5 days and 5 days only!  It’s time to take those God-given gifts and desires… and turn them into your future financial plan, your living a life full of meaning, success, and fullness – from the inside, out!



Ready to become a coach now?  Fill in the application below, and I will send you an email to let you know how to get started right with our team!

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