Always Never Changing: Ending the Saturday Morning Cycle

Last night’s  ‪#‎coffeechat‬ VIDEO from me with a little confession at the bottom, but first:

Here’s some ‪#‎flexfriday‬ motivation for you to go work your little booty off this weekend and really reach for your dreams.

I know that there MUST be some of you out there wondering why you aren’t seeing results or still haven’t started on your health yet at all.

I know, because I’ve been you. I have spent hours looking up WOD’s on Pinterest, staring at fitgirl photos on Instagram, privately promise “Monday, I will..” and you’re like “YES! I am so motivated right now – I AM going to do this.

Or you watch a workout video, get pumped up and say— yes!!! This is exactly what I need… let’s do this!!

Then a few days pass and it is “well… you know, I’m just too busy today and I have way too much going on in my life right now” or “It isn’t a good time for my husband/kids for me to change my routine” and then you go about your day doing the things that you do everyday…..

Then maybe 3-4 days later decide you are all in again.

Does this sound familiar?


The thing is… Change is only gonna happen by deciding every single day to get uncomfortable enough with the way things ARE that you are willing to BECOME a little uncomfortable each day to finally experience the mega huge awesome change you promised yourself LAST Saturday… and LAST month… and LAST year!

You are going to have to get tired of feeling the bulge and the fatigue and bloat and guilt.

You won’t be perfect.

You are going to be tempted every day to go back to your old habits.

But, when you DECIDE to jump in this thing with me and just START – you will look up one day and finally feel like you really CAN achieve your GOALS and reach your dreams that once seemed unrealistic.

angel before after without dates HNIT

There is no way around it. It takes doing the little things that get you closer to your BIG goals… even on the days when we don’t feel like it.

We CAN do what is necessary and fit and right for our bodies so we can feel amazing and proud and like real super women… come on, mamas!

Let’s do this. #flexfriday

SO!  Mamas!

Here’s my vid… sat down for a Friday evening cup of joe and feeling like a frizzy mess with not much steam left in it… – I admit it… My Weekends used to always go like this (listen to vid)… sound familiar?

‪#‎mamaconfessions‬ ‪#‎coffeetalk‬

Don’t wait for that change!  Start today – start right now.

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