Your 24/7 Virtual Coach- FIT, FAITH-FILLED, and FREE

Hey, there!  I feel like it has been a minute since I introduced myself and said what I’m about, and I also thought now is a great time to invite you all into my personal intentions for the year.  So, Hi!  My name is Angel Ballance, creator/founder of this blog space and a team of life changers I affectionately call #LifeFitNation. 


My heart’s desire, my SOUL PURPOSE, my top priority and focus for 2016 is to help you CREATE the Life you previously only admitted in your prayer closet …but that somewhere in your private moments with God, before all the cares of this world came along to choke and smoke out your dreams, you DARED to imagine what life could look like..  FIT, FAITH-FILLED, and FREE…

I’m hand-selecting who I partner with for creating this life… the clients who get my undivided attention and focus , my mentorship and coaching for the YEAR.  I’m hand-selecting people to work with who are READY to CREATE health and wellness, CREATE both financial & lifestyle freedom, to CREATE confidence and faith-filled, joy-filled balance in the home, to CREATE what I call  Life Fit… it’s a life worth living to the full!

This is so much more than just “I wanna lose a  few pounds, a few inches here or there.”  I’m talking about your belief in yourself and all God put inside you to live out loud this year that you haven’t yet stepped up and into… it’s about ending mere tolerance of circumstances and embracing the small steps necessary to bring about those changes you desire to see happen. 


Now… before you say THIS IS FOR ME – I gotta tell you some TRUTH … Don’t jump in yet if you’re “just interested”.  Who I’m really looking to partner with is the person who is READY.  You’re tired of things as they are and you’re convinced it’s time to CREATE the change, the growth, the strength, the belief that all things really are possible – including the idea of that LIFE you’ve secretly been holding onto in the back of your mind.  That thought that THERE MUST BE MORE- and no longer will I allow ______ to hold me back!



I’m going to be your 24/7 VIRTUAL COACH!  It doesn’t matter where you live, what your daily schedule looks like, how out of shape you are or if you’ve EVER worked out or eaten healthy in your entire life… I CAN HELP YOU!!

We have a system… a way of eating and getting fit , healthy that is PROVEN TO WORK.  Say goodbye to calorie counting (it’s not necessary here).  No food scales, no fat burning pills, no starving.  We eat real food in the right portions to fuel our bodies and prove that eating well and getting stronger, leaner, healthier does not have to be HARD!!  And coffee and chocolate is still in there for your enjoyment.  ♡


Plus… you get ME!  I’m included!  I’m going to be your support,  your accountability when you need it and want it most!  I’m going to help you your steady Rock to guide you through this journey. I’m going to help you find the fitness program that you’re not just enjoy but will work best with your life… Your real life. We are going to be using a private and exclusive  accountability group  here on Facebook that will be your 24/7 support and motivation to see each day through and celebrate your victories! I’m going to be in there giving you, available for small group and one-to-one private mentoring chats.  So how do you get a chance to be one of the hand selected? You simply apply!

Go to

You select your answers and fill in your answers… But don’t tell me what you think I want to hear. Tell me your truth.  The reason for why now is your time!  Write what’s on your heart, the more you let me into your life and your struggles the better I can coach you. And once I receive it you will receive an email from me!

Each month I work with 10 – 20 Challengers… moms and dads, friends and coworkers who are ready to get fit and feel great in their skin!  I do this out of a heart decision to pay it forward! To know more about me and my story go here


I consider my business an opportunity to serve others.  To find out how to turn your fitness journey into a rewarding virtual biz on my team & w/my personal mentorship:


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