Life Fit Faves:  Lies about women weightlifting & coconut oil, fatigue & emotional eating, & when mom forgets to meal plan

Let’s grab a cup of coffee & chat a minute, shall we?

I’m here with a few Life Fit Faves as a new way of connecting with you online and in your home so we can really get to know each other better & share great tips… one life fit mama to another.

Summer officially kicked off quick for this mom… and I think I am in denial that we are already approaching our 2nd week!

From FB to Insta stories… here’s the overview of what’s been happening over in my social neck of the woods…

Life Fit Fave #1:  Coconut Oil LIES & how I eat it daily!

In case you missed the drama from the media saying otherwise, let’s clarify that coconut oil is a God-made good for you, whole food, healthy fat, superfood that can actually help you maintain natural energy and fat burning potential in the body.  Unlike vegetable oil (which they tried to say was better for you WHAAAT?!) – which is highly processed by man in order to be created and can cause chronic inflammation in the body.

From skin to hair to natural antibacterial and fat burning enhancing abilities, coconut oil is a great food with tons of applications in real life.   And yes… I eat it.  Nearly every day but certainly 4-5 days a week. I cook with it, blend it in my shakes, and use a dollop of it with cinnamon in my baked sweet potatoes. 😉

Life Fit Fave #2:  Hummus is the healthy “bean” dip my kids will eat!

Nestled in between greek yogurt dip and some other yummy  concoction in a container at Costco are these adorable little single serving hummus dips for on the go!  During school or during summer… a box of them will live in our fridge and I pack them often for the kids to snack on while driving around town!  (Better than having to stop for fries and a frosty, right)?

Life Fit Fave #3:  Confessions of a Mom with a Binge Eating Trigger!

You’ve been there… I know you have!  Tired, bored, and suddenly… a DESIRE TO EAT!  Sometimes truly hungry and sometimes just want to eat SOMETHING LOL… on this day, it happened to me… so I snapped about it in real life HOW I deal when my fatigue trigger rears its ugly head…
UPDATE:  Since the recording of this snap, my team and i launched our new Food Freedom Mindset nutritional course focused program and Made for More Group, designed for helping any and all people lose weight happily without “dieting,” with a special element on emotional eating that I highly recommend.  Discover more about 2B Mindset and our unique approach to healthy eating lifestyle with no food off limits  here.

Life Fit Fave #4:  The Monday Morning Mom Fail- I FORGOT TO MEAL PLAN – duh duh duhhhh!!

Ever just DID NOT have the time or the will power to make a plan for healthy meals for you and your family to eat this week?  Don’t worry!  Been there !!  I got your back!

Life Fit Fave #5:  How to rev the metabolism, burn more calories, and workout LESS!

hey there 😉

Somebody started a nasty little LIE about women and weightlifting.  “They” said that women who lift weights will get bulky, when it’s simply not true!  Our bones, metabolism, heart, muscles, and mental clarity ALL improve from lifting weights even just a few days a week.

Who wants to be spending HOURS in the gym during the summer when they can maximize their time with workouts that burn fat more effectively in just 4 days a week, 30-ish minutes a day, … leaving more time for summer fun in the sun with the fam and doing what you enjoy most anyway?    I’ve got the perfect program for mamas looking to get lean, strong, and toned this summer and still have more days each week to just have fun and do what you want!   Get all the details by requesting access to my free info group here.

I tried the 30 min sample workout this week!  You’ll be able to do these workouts at home OR bring them to the gym with you.   Join my info group to access it for free and try it yourself!

Here’s another lil’ sizzle video for you!

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