A Heart Shift: Shining Light on the Lies Fear Speaks

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17 NIV

This is one of those scriptures that hit me between the eyes and I felt like a fire in my belly when I started working out and STRUGGLING with the pain and frustration part of it all … I wanted it to be easier. I wanted to not shake violently like a weak person in plank. I wanted to be on the other side of it already … I didn’t want to be patient with the time and work I had to put in first to get there. I complained INSIDE a LOT even if I didnt say anything out loud about it to my husband. See… I in my grumbling and frustration about it I was really just scared that I would FAIL and never reach my goals and HE would see me fail at it and I don’t know… Lose respect for me? Stop believing in me? A plethora of baseless thoughts. All the enemy dredging up my past and weaving a fictional story for my present in my mind. Until I took hold of this scripture and decided the work I was doing on my health and body strength wasn’t just for Donald or for me even… I had to do it for the Creator of this body and the Giver of my health!
What a heart shift!

The same, I realize, has happened with my coaching business work this past year. Somehow… I let those fears of not being good enough and disappointing people to slip in. I started “working and doing” for what I thought everyone else wanted from me more than for HIM and what He put inside me. Not that anyone in particular put it there – nope. Just the enemy slipping an old lie in but in a different area of life I’m growing my strength in. Different area, same tactics and lies. Gah… #helpmeJesus
So. I’m doing what I advise my clients & team members to do. I’m taking the truth of the Word and shining the light on the lie keeping me operating in the dark. Im taking this scripture and I am recalibrating my heart anew. I’m up this morning in front of my computer and daily checklist giving thanks, praising God for what He’s doing, believing I AM good enough to accomplish this mission He has placed within my spirit. All for HIM. ☺️

We all have fears… but what if we MADE them our motivations?
What if instead of a sign to retreat… we could MAKE them the symbol to press through?

Here’s why. Because just the fact that you HAVE those fears and those questions are coming to mind… means that you have the HEART and WILL and DESIRE to actually DO IT for all the right reasons.

Let that sink in.

YOU, my mama friend, have those desires and dreams for more or better for a God-designed reason.

Take those questions and turn them on their heads. Use your brain’s inquisitiveness for finding solutions and spotting opportunities and identifying your gifts and recognizing your strengths.
Allow those ideas to fuel your faith for saying yes!

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