Life Fit News: This week’s Family Dinners, Meal Plan Tip, Faith for Life Fit Talk, Free Virtual Workout Classes, New Muscle Burns Fat Program Coming Soon

I just love this quote from Winston Churchill about trying new things… “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” 

It’s crazy to think of how different life is (and might be forever) after this global health crisis.. We’ve all been forced into completely new reality.  I think an inspiring side of people in our world is their ability to adapt in tough times and change… so why don’t we apply that logic to our life fit journey and how well we love ourselves??

There are SO many fitness & nutrition programs available for different needs.  It’s all about learning to pivot when something just isn’t clicking. 

A new workout style… new recipe or combo… you never know when you’ll strike gold and find something you LOVE! 

What’s something new you’ve tried recently that you’re digging??? (P.S. I’ve got a new muscle burns fat workout & nutrition plan coming soon – if ya want the details, join my info facebook group here)!

My Family’s Dinner Plans this Week

My Meal Planning Tip of the Week

This week’s tip is to make it easier on yourself and save a little extra prep time with pre-prepped fruits, proteins, and veggies that are just as good as buying them fresh.  Most grocery stores offer pre-chopped veggies like zucchini and squash noodles, cauliflower rice, peeled and diced fruit, pre-washed salad greens, and precooked proteins like shrimp, beef kabobs, and chicken sausage. 

This week you can see where I plan on putting the pre-prepped foods into my meals –

  • frozen “riced” cauliflower in the shrimp & cauliflower grits recipe (and yes I also bought quick cooking grits for the kids who won’t eat cauliflower rice)
  • pre-washed & ready to eat lettuce wraps for sliders & tacos, and spring mix for salads
  • pre-prepped frozen sweet potato fries for bbq chicken sliders 
  • pre-cooked frozen shrimp for shrimp & cauliflower grits (all I have to do is thaw and de-tail if I prefer, then toss for a few minutes with cajun seasoning in the skillet)

Where can you do the same this week for your family?
If you’re wondering where I get all my nutrition advice, recipes, and know-how from, go check out my top 2 nutrition programs I recommend to my clients here and here, or just get the best of both nutrition AND fitness solutions for each of these programs along with my free coaching when you sign up here or here.

Faith for Life Fit

Whether you’re new to pursuing health & fitness or not, we’re engaged in a very real fight against a very real opponent… an enemy who would like nothing more than to snuff out any trace of us EVER being in the race to get healthy & fit.
This enemy knows that with God’s Spirit inside of you he can’t fully take you out on his own, so instead, he attempts to get YOU to agree to disengage. He wants to wear you down so you will lose heart and give up the fight – give in under the oppressive heated conditions that he’s introduced tp your life. These “heat sources” may seem like “the thing” you need to fight… but they’re not. Eph 6:12 reminds us our fight is a spiritual one. It’s the spirit that effects the physical.
When we recognize the emergent importance of the fact that our heatwave is spiritual with physical consequences… this is often THE mindset shift necessary for us to not just “survive” or “cope” with the conditions of our heatwave… but to push THROUGH and OVERCOME with much diligence & persistence that even our enemy can’t defy.

Add to your faith DILIGENCE and it will keep you ENGAGED in the fight instead of succombing to the pressure and taking it lying down.

I know this sounds serious for a Monday… but let’s get real for a minute. This transformation of health is not pretty every day. We each will go through seasons of life or particularly tough days where it feels like a struggling fight … but we stay engaged in the fight through diligence because what victory means to us is far more and above anything skinny jeans and abs have to offer. What you strive to reach in the other side of your particular heatwave is often tied to something bigger/more meaningful that you hold dear… it is tied to your hopes and dreams for your life, your family, and sometimes even your sense of personal accomplishment & fulfillment.

Fit for Life Summer Bootcamp

We’re getting ready to kick things off in my newest support + accountability virtual fit club and I am so excited for everything we have planned… I’m talking a 30 day podcast challenge, weekly meal plans, bonus recipe PDFs (for everything from summer coffees to summer mocktails), and so much more!

Even better – we are announcing the launch of our newest program- #mbf- Muscle Burns Fat! And the most exciting part… it’s really two programs in one – #mbfa (Muscle Burns Fat Advanced) is designed to be completed right after. I am so ready for 6 full weeks of new workouts for summer 😉 . You can find all the info totally free and get a sample workout with me here (make sure to say Angel invited you)!

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to totally abandon your health + fitness goals. And loving your body doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym and only eat chicken and broccoli. My secret to a loving your body? A little dose of faith for my fitness each week inside my fit club app group experience 😉.

But if you’d love to be the happiest + healthiest version of you this summer, without sacrificing fun and your favorite summer treats, we should chat!

Email with Subject Re: “Fit For Life Summer Bootcamp” OR fill in the interest form here and I’ll send you all the details!

Free Virtual Workout Classes

Ready to rock another week with you, Life Fit Collective!! 🧘🏻‍♀️ ☀️ 🌴 Here are our Virtual Classes offered this week!! All classes CST; Zoom IDs listed int he facebook group here.


6:30a – PIYO Flow/Strength – Angel

11am – PiYo – Kathy


11a – P90X / TRANSFORM Mashup Class – Caroline & Kathy

5:30p- HIIT – Caroline

6:30p – PIYO Flow/Core (30min) – Kathy


9:45a – Barre (TFF)- Angel

6:15p – P90X – Angel


6:30a PIYO Flow/Core – Angel

9:45a Turbo Kick (TFF) – Caroline

11a – Transform – Kathy


10a – Turbo Kick – Caroline

11a – PIYO – Kathy

“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

In Sweat & Faith,


Ready to start working with me on your health and fitness? Let’s do this! Apply HERE to join my private fit club and tell me about your goals so I can help you find the perfect fit!

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