This week’s family dinners, meal planning tip, faith for life fit thoughts // virtual studio classes (June Week 3)


This week, we’re taking a meal that didn’t get done last week and reinventing it with the ingredients we still have on hand. We ALSO let the youngest of the bunch pick the recipes for the week! *fun* LOL Okay seriously – she did good.

Instead of going with my fit club’s meal plan, she wanted to pick her own – so – we let her! I pulled up our on demand library of recipes and let her go to town. She enjoyed how it felt like watching a cooking show (and that the personal trainer and chef exhanged brother & sister banter she can relate to 😉 LOL ). We sat on the couch together and scrolled through the dinner recipes, plus a few sides and salad ideas. I was impressed she decided to try a new salad this week !

Here’s the plan she came up with (below). I’m particularly excited about the fact that several of her picks this week are southern comfort food and that one meal requires no cooking at all!

Which one would you like to see us go LIVE and prep together on social media this week?

Which one would you like to see us go LIVE and prep together on social media this week? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or message me on social.


This week’s tip is one I do EVERY time — I PLAN on having a “lazy” night or “easy” dinner idea “just in case”.

No body seriously WANTS to cook 7 days a week, am I right? And despite the times we live in right now where people are spending way more time at home, it’s still busy and everyone has at least one night a week they need a brain break, minimal kitchen clean up, and an early bedtime or netflix and chill!! So, instead of being over zealous and planning on standing over the stove every night this week, PLAN on having a night or two (or even three) where you have leftovers or a no cook dish to keep things simple, casual, dressed-down.

For this week, it’s the Overstuffed Turkey Club! Besides the bacon needing to be cooked (which can be done a day or two beforehand and repurposed for a breakfast dish, too), it’s a totally no=cook meal and allows for a simple side like my favorite veggie chips and a spring mix green salad.

If you’re wondering where I get all my nutrition advice, recipes, and know-how from, go check out my top 2 nutrition programs I recommend to my clients here and here, or just get the best of both nutrition AND fitness solutions for each of these programs along with my free coaching when you sign up here or here.


Are you in my free life fit collective facebook community? We’ve been teaching free virtual group fitness classes since #coronacation and we’re still going strong! Here’s our class schedule this week. Don’t forget to request to join the facebook group to get the links for all classes!

11a – P90X Total Body – Angel
6:15p – PIYO – Kathy

6:30a – PIYO Flow/Strength – Angel
11am – PiYo – Kathy

11a – P90X & Transform Mashup- Angel & Kathy
5:30p- HIIT – Caroline
6:30p – PIYO Flow/Core (30min) – Kathy

9:45a – Barre (TFF)- Angel
6:15p – P90X & CoreDeForce Mashup – Angel

6:30a PIYO Flow/Core – Angel
11a – Transform – Kathy
9:45a Turbo Kick (TFF) – Caroline

10a – Turbo Kick – Caroline
11a – PIYO – Kathy


Today, instead of allowing all that frustration and disappointment and hopelessness you’ve been feeling firing up under the surface to stay buried deep down 😤😫😕— I want you to change the channel in your brain and reflect on what would make you really proud of yourself if you did it for yourself today and every other day this month ?

☀️ ❤️… it sticking to your eating plan? Dusting off a workout calendar? Calling up a friend? Sharing a dream with your husband? Forgiving a friend? Setting healthy boundaries? Starting something new? 🤷🏻‍♀️

You see – eventually… what we allow to fester eventually shows up in not so healthy ways. For some (like me), it’s eating all the things and numbing out in front of a screen. For some, it’s binge shopping, negative self talk or self sabotage, excessive cardio or isolating from everything that could possibly be a solution and everyone who would challenge them out of their situation and misery,,,, welll?!?!

We get to choose how we talk to ourselves and what we will believe about our way out of the struggle! We have to participate with the divine narrative instead of giving in to the dialogue of defeat.
God didn’t create you to live on no lower level of believing and seeing yourself- I believe He tells us to keep our thoughts on things higher because He made us for all those higher level things.
Sister- you’re made for so much more than to live in perpetual unkindness to yourself. Turn the light on your thought life and see what gets exposed about how you’ve been living out of those dark thoughts. Then get to work.

“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

In Sweat & Faith,


Ready to start working with me on your health and fitness? Let’s do this! Apply HERE to join my private fit club and tell me about your goals so I can help you find the perfect fit!

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