Life Fit Weekly: This week’s Family Dinners, Meal Plan Tip, Faith for Life Fit Talk, Free Virtual Workout Classes, New Muscle Burns Fat Program LAUNCHES TUESDAY!

I don’t know about where you live but over here in Texas there are more people wearing masks in the grocery stores than not and the restaurants are having to take a step back to how many people can be inside at a time 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m seeing some new faces in the gym but also I love the familiar friends we are seeing in our online virtual classes and on demand workouts every week! We’re still a long ways away from the new normal we all are waiting for –

But remember that one quote that looked like this:

“I regret that workout!”

-said no one ever

It was so true, right?

Working out would make you feel fit, healthy, happy, and strong! 🙌⚡️🦹‍♂️️

Most gyms are still not open and although mine is I can understand why some mamas are hesitant to step back in… but that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting back to that feeling.

There is a new program releasing at the end of the month and it’s ideal for my friends who know you want to get back to a fit lifestyle without stepping into public spaces like the gym.

This new program is all about losing fat and gaining muscle in 3 weeks of intense workouts, and the best thing ever is that your nutrition plan is totally customizable so it fits your lifestyle and isn’t overbearing or complicated.

And my coaching is absolutely complimentary to you, with lifetime access to my groups, connection to my supportive community and fitness & nutrition tracker, a year’s access to our on demand library of workouts, recipes & cooking shows!

It’s going to be exactly what we need to get blasted back into shape (assuming the quarantine brought tempting cookies into your house too 🍪) and quick! With my coaching – we make it sustainable for life so no more yo-yoing back to twenty pounds ago once you lose it. You’ll know how to keep it off for real. More importantly your relationship with food and your body will be changed forever.

Want a free muscle burns fat sample workout to get back in the swing of things? Visit my sneak peek info group on facebook here

My Family’s Dinner Plans this Week

Every week, I share my family’s dinner plan and a meal planning tip. Here’s this week’s! We chose some from our BOD library, and some from our weekly fit club full meal plan (which I put together for my clients each week to coincide with their nutrition plan & fitness program).

Pssst…. Side note before you read this. Are you in my July Fit Club BODgroup already?? You get access to our FULL meal plan every week! Go grab this week’s grocery list, recipes, and meal plan in the group files!

Keep reading for this week’s meal planning tips below!

My Meal Planning Tip of the Week

This week’s tip is about those certain recipes that ask for a special ingredient that you may not have, like a seasoning or an herb that you don’t normally keep on hand. Too many special ingredients can mess with your budget. How much does that ingredient cost? Can you save the remaining portions for a future meal and use it before it goes bad? Can you substitute the ingredient with one you already have or possibly leave it out and it not really alter the dish?  Experimenting with your recipes and trying new flavors can be fun and keep things interesting, but try to limit it to just one meal each week or even every other week.

This week we made some adjustmentsf or our Chicken Curry & Tilapia recipes –

  • Dried dill instead of fresh, so the dill can be used in the future without extra fresh dill sitting in the fridge going bad
  • We skipped some special seasoning for our curry recipe and just used a regular curry seasoning blend we already had in the cabinet.

Where can you do the same this week for your family?
If you’re wondering where I get all my nutrition advice, recipes, and know-how from, go check out my top 2 nutrition programs I recommend to my clients here and here, or just get the best of both nutrition AND fitness solutions for each of these programs along with my free coaching when you sign up here or here.

Faith for Life Fit Talk

Tuesdays are always crazy full for me- the storm last night woke me up about ten minutes before my usual 5am alarm, I tip toed in the dark , put on my workout clothes, committed my body to leg day, checked in with my online fit club clients, shared a recipe to my community, organized some files for my team, then rolled right into teaching my favorite classes to some amazing people.
I love my life and what I do, but I can give so much of my time & energy away for just a little too long before taking a beat, and so I find myself needing to be mindful I don’t let burnout creep up on me and suck the joy out. (Anyone else?)

So, I’m gonna share 3 Go-To’s when I start feeling it all weigh down on me and I just need to reconnect to Jesus and His vision for my life to get some peace:

💛Prayer journaling – I’m my prayer journal there are 4 boxes to fill in each day – I write down what I’m thankful for, choose a scripture to study and write it out to make it an affirmation I speak over myself, I write down what’s most troubling me, and I ask for wisdom and courage to do what’s revealed to me in prayer time, (have you ever tried prayer journaling before??).

💛 I take a mental time out to day dream. True story! Just a few minutes to invest my imagination into God’s exciting promises and His vision for my life and my sense of purpose is stirred back up within me! I’m suddenly ready to conquer the world again and know that all things work out to my good even when I don’t understand how or why.

💛I sweat it out with some heavy weights or kickboxing cardio or my soulmate stress relieving workout (seriously! Moving our bodies is SO underrated and under appreciated !) I know His best for me is His HEALTH for me!

Got any go-to’s yourself? Give me your secrets ✨👇

Muscle Burns Fat #mbf VIP ONLY TEST GROUP

Quarantine: 0

My biceps: 2 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

Omggggg people have been talking about “The Quarantine 15” but NOT IN THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!

I swear I’m emerging my best self!!! (But just maybe with a serious need for a date night free of kiddos…) 🤪

What workout program is kicking your tush right now?!?!

🥰so… I have a little news that I’ve been waiting on to FINALLY share. 🥰.

I have an exciting muscle burns fat test group for a brand new workout program that is being released.. and I tried out the free sample workout with some friends today… Cool, right?
Would you be interested in testing it out with me?

Quick info about the full program:

🔥The FULL program is being released EARLY on July 7th TUESDAY for my test group participants!! All others must wait til winter 2020.
🔥 My clients receive a nutritional support program OF THEIR choice
🔥 It’s an at home program that can be done in 25-30 minutes a day.
🔥 It includes over 42 workouts filmed in real time so there’s no getting bored.
🔥 A tracker app for accountability
🔥 Daily coaching from me

Y’all know I love these programs, combined with the community support and nutrition plans that give me amazing results and have helped me make fit a lifestyle, but if you follow me or know my HEART…

You also know I have always taught that health comes from the inside out – which means inside my fit club groups we work on more than just squats and crunches. We work on-

✨ building and maintaining health habits
✨ Rewriting our internal dialogue and learning to see ourselves through God’s eyes.
✨ How we FEEL is greater indicator to our progress than how much we weigh
✨ Faith infused motivation and mindset tips to create confidence, cut through the chaos and confusion of breaking habits that hold us back

If you want to learn more about my group and this upcoming fat burn & metabolism building workout & nutrition program test group..: fill out the interest form below and you will receive a message from me on how to get registered.

**everyone who tests out the workout program & provides feedback for our test group will be entered for a chance to win prizes!

**FILL OUT THIS INTEREST FORM BELOW 🔥 and I will get you the details within 24 hours.

fill in the interest form here and I’ll send you all the details!

Free Virtual Workout Classes

Excited to rock another week with you, Life Fit Collective!! 🧘🏻‍♀️ ☀️ 🌴 Here are our Virtual Classes offered this week…check out the new ones!! All classes CST; Zoom IDs listed inside our Facebook group here.


10:00a – Barre HIIT Fusion – Angel

6:30p – PIYO – Kathy


11:00a – PiYo – Kathy


11:00a – P90X / CoreDeForce Mashup – Angel

5:30p- HIIT – Caroline

6:30p – PIYO Flow/Core (30min) – Kathy


9:45a – Barre (TFF)- Angel

6:00p – P90X – Angel


9:45a Turbo Kick (TFF) – Caroline

11:00a – Transform – Kathy


10:00a – Turbo Kick – Caroline

11:00a – PIYO – Kathy


“Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

In Sweat & Faith,


Ready to start working with me on your health and fitness? Let’s do this! Apply HERE to join my private fit club and tell me about your goals so I can help you find the perfect fit!

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