Living Life Fit with Angel (Week of August 8): Feel the Fear + Do It Anyway, Meal Prep Tips, Go Beyond SMART Goals, Meet the WARRIORS at SCW Dallas, and Welcome Back Sid!

“Come as You Are” 🏹 🧘🏻‍♀️ Meet me on the mat! Virtual & In Person classes click here

Oh hey, it’s Monday! 😊 Are you ready for another week because I’ve got a good one for you!

Highlights from Classes Last Week

In case you missed it – We welcomed back Sid from India on Saturday! It was such a beautiful and exciting moment to see him walk into class Saturday morning while fumbling with my phone cord to start the warm up song 🎶 Can you believe he brought treats for everyone to celebrate 🎉?

More news from our classes last week: We continued to unwrap Lesson 12 in WARRIOR Rhythm with the oscillating cobra and a new 🔥HIIT , ( this week we add a new Booty/Core at the end of class)! In WARRIOR Strength we hit the shoulders hard and brought back the burpee star. In Cycle/WARRIOR Revolution we opened up a new ride 🚲 and tried a beast of a flow to Metallica. In Turbo Kick we added some tuck jump fun to Round 63, and we wobbled in chest/triceps (and legs) after our virtual upper body strength + cycle class this past Thursday 😂 . Grab a class pass or catch one of my virtual recordings on Demand style.

ALL OUT AUGUST: Go Beyond S.M.A.R.T. Goals

We’re continuing last night’s conversation on IG where we left off talking about goals. So this week we’re going ALL out on ALL our goals! 🎯

So we’ve all done it…come up with a goal only to forget it in a few days, talk yourself out of it, make excuses, change it, etc. I know I’m guilty. 🙋‍♀️

But what’s the point of setting a goal if you don’t intend to actually reach it?! 🤔 I mean we might as well not even bother setting it in the first place if we’re not serious about it. And I think that’s usually where the problem lies. The problem isn’t YOU or your ability, the problem is with the actual goal itself. 💡

Because in order to have the best chance to reach your goals, you have to start with setting a good goal in the first place. So that’s what we’re focusing on today!

You’ve probably hear of the SMART acronym…

S – Specific, so you know exactly what you’re reaching for 

M – Measurable, so you can actually evaluate progress and completion 

A – Attainable, it’s something you can reasonably accomplish 

R – Relevant to your values and long term vision 

T – Time-based, meaning it has a realistic deadline

Now those are great and I highly recommend starting there. But there’s more to it than that…

  1. Write down your goal(s). Like, everywhere. On post-its, on your phone screen, your daily planner or journal. You need to see it daily to keep going for it.
  2. Share your goal(s). Tell your spouse, trusted friend or family member or co-worker about your goal(s). Sharing it with someone else makes it more real and gives you more accountability to follow through.
  3. Incentivize your goal(s). Sometimes reaching a goal is a reward itself, if it’s earning money for a new car or going on vacation. But make sure you always have some way to celebrate the goal. So if your goal is to lose 10 pounds, you could reward yourself with a shopping spree to get new clothes that you feel amazing in. Or you can just dig deep into what the goal means to you and what a reward it will be to your life to reach it. (More to come on that later)!

Now that you know how to set a good goal, we’re going to go all out with different areas of your overall health and wellness! Stay tuned all week to my #ALLOUTAugust challenge by following my Instagram/Facebook pages throughout the week, and right here on my blog every Monday 😊

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.“

Zig Ziglar

ALL OUT AUGUST: Meal Prep Monday

I hope you got some rest and self care time this weekend, spending time with loved ones, and recharging your batteries for a new week. 💕

The very best way to ensure you’re ready to go ALL OUT for the week is to take some time now to prepare. If Mondays don’t work for you, maybe make this a Sunday habit starting this week! 🙌

This week let’s focus on one thing that most people know is important to do but really struggle with actually doing it. Meal prep. 🍽

I know, I know. It can be a pain to schedule it into an already busy weekend. And you may think it’s easier to just deal with it as you need to. But I am here to tell you I’ve done it both ways, and taking the time upfront to plan and prep your food for the week is a life saver!! 👏

It creates one big mess all at once. Which is obviously a bummer. But you know what’s an even bigger bummer? Having to do a bunch of dishes and kitchen clean up every single night after a long busy day. 😭

And it’s so much easier to stick to your nutrition program or plan when you have everything all ready to go. Grab your ready-made lunch or snacks in the morning to take with you. And have supper all prepped and ready to cook as soon you’re home instead of grabbing drive thru on the way. 🚗

So get ready to go all out with your meal prep this week. Crank some tunes or your favorite podcast or audiobook and get after it! 

✔️pick out meals and snacks you want to make for the week

✔️make a grocery list (or online order) for the things you need

✔️stick to the list! 

✔️wash and cut all fresh fruits and veggies

✔️pre-cook anything you can (I have a hack for this I’m sharing today in my IG stories)

✔️prep and portion any sides or salads or snacks

Do you meal prep? If so, share your ways in the comments below!

ALL OUT AUGUST: Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway

We really got right into it on IG/FB and in all my classes with pushing outside our comfort zones.

I’m excited to push you a bit further each week by addressing a common fear most people have, and challenging you to stomp it out by confronting it head on! 👠 I mean we’re going ALL OUT right, so what better way to do that then conquer those fears and feel like your absolute best, most confident self! You ready?! 🙌

First up is…the fear of change.

Some of us deal with change a lot better than others. But I think it’s safe to say that everyone is at least a little hesitant about any kind of change. Others are just totally and completely freaked out at the thought of changing anything. 😜

Which is understandable. Change can definitely be scary. It’s going into the unknown and unfamiliar. It’s uncomfortable and uncertain. But it can also be so good for us. 😊 It can lead to bigger and better things for our lives. So don’t play small just because you’re afraid of change! Going all out in life means going for it and making positive changes even when it seems scary.

So my challenge for you today is to make a change that you have been afraid to make. Whether it’s big or small, just go for it! 👏 Or at least take one step towards it to stomp out that fear. 👢

💛 Search job openings if you feel stuck at work. 

💜 Look for a new place to live if you’re not happy where you’re at. 

♥️ Try out a new church if the current one doesn’t feel right. 

💚 Start cutting out some animal products if you want to go plant-based.

💙 Go shopping if your current wardrobe isn’t making you feel amazing.

🧡 Become a WARRIOR Instructor by attending one of my upcoming certification trainings if you want to start teaching!

Feel the fear, and make the change anyway! ❤️

Meet The WARRIORS at SCW Dallas Mania

Would you like to meet the Creator of WARRIOR Rhythm and WARRIOR Strength, Ellen De Werd?! How about the chance to workout with Ellen, me, and the WARRIOR Team ?!

Then join us at SCW Dallas Mania August 26th-28th !!! Register for a 1 Day, 2 Say, or 3 Day Pass (use the coupon code GO to save $60) here !! During registration process you’ll be asked to select sessions. There are several each day – some fitness, some nutrition, some business. Make a point to look for and select these WARRIOR sessions so you can workout with us:

Friday: WARRIOR Rhythm

Saturday & Sunday: WARRIOR Strength

We would also love to see you at the expo! Be sure to stop by our WARRIOR Booth to shop tops, learn how to get certified, and win a prize!

WARRIORS are Coming to Dallas!
MEET US at the WARRIOR Booth

That’s it for this weeks blog post! Continue to go ALL OUT August with me by following (and commenting) on my social media posts (Facebook and Instagram or even Twitter and LinkedIn), and by participating in my local and virtual classes!

See you soon,

In Sweat & Faith,


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