21DF & DFX Approved Lunch: BEEF / TURKEY WRAPS

Lunch today was one of my favorites!  Went with lean beef because the store was completely out of ground turkey this week, but my first week on 21dfx I had it with the turkey, and it was DELICIOUS!!

Dare I say it tasted even better with the ground turkey vs the beef *gasp* no way?!  Lol.

It really is a quick and delightful dish, especially if you love Mexican flavors like I do!

It also makes for a quick and versatile meal prep at the beginning of week.  Cook down your ground meat and veggies (I’m a lazy cook, so all my veggies are chopped chunky), refrigerate in a large Tupperware container, and then use your 21dfx portion control containers to portion out what you need per meal.  Spoon on romaine leaves, toss in a salad, eat alone.  If you’re following 21dfx C2C plan, you know you need all the red+green meals you can get your hands on in a short amount of time throughout the day, so this one is ideal for me.

And on your “normal” 21df days, feel free to spoon mixture on a whole grain wrap or make into a chili by adding black beans, roasted tomatoes, and extra seasonings.  So good!

Here’s my version, pretty darn close to the original found inside your 21dfx eating plan book.

I squeezed a lime and dropped some fresh cilantro leaves over top for added YUM!  Both “freebies” in the 21df/21dfx eating plans.



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