Super Sampler

Can’t decide which flavor to buy?

Then this is the perfect way to try all of Shakeology’s flavors before committing to a full-size bag or combo box.

Each Super Sampler pack contains 6 single-serve packets of Shakeology:

1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla, 1 Strawberry, 1 Greenberry, 1 Chocolate Vegan, 1 Tropical Strawberry Vegan

SuperSampler flavors shakeology


You’ll also receive a copy of the Shakeology Welcome Guide, as well as 6 unique recipes to try.

survey says

I personally recommend blending with ice and water or almond milk!  This makes your fruity flavors like smoothies, and your chocolate/vanilla flavors like milkshakes!

I also recommend drinking 1 shake as a meal or snack each day consecutively.  Consider trying the whey formulas for the first 4 days (a different flavor each day), then the 2 vegan formula flavors on the remaining days, to more fully experience not just the difference between the formulas and flavors, but to also begin noticing the overall nutritional benefits of Shakeology itself.

With our new Super Sampler, you’ll easily figure out which Shakeology flavors you love the most.

Shake it Up!


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