3 Quick Fixes for Your Shake #BoostUp

Shakes are a great, go-to fast food for me, helping me get an entire nutrient-packed meal or post workout snack in whenever I need it – especially when running out the door to get kids to school, after an exhausting workout, or for a lazy, no-cooking dinner night at home.  😉

I will often use my shakes to help me get enough greens, protein, or healthy fats in my day (I don’t always like to “eat” my greens… you?  LOL).  Toss in some spinach, throw in some coconut oil or I’ll also use my shakes to fuel me for days I know I’ll be on my feet a lot, for when I don’t have time to pack tupperware for a meal to-go, and even as a pre or post workout snack.  It’s just a simple way for me to make sure all my macronutrient bases are covered- and it doesn’t hurt that my kids consider them a treat, too!

So, I was super excited when Beachbody released Shakeology Boosts!  I was blessed to try Focused Energy at Coach Summit, and have since added in Power Greens and Digestive Health as 3 go-to additions to customize the nutritional value of my shakes, however it strikes my fancy on any given day… and I am so excited to introduce them to YOU.

What is Shakeology Boost?
If you love the results you get from Shakeology, but want to customize the results, Shakeology Boosts are the answer! These add-on drink powders are the newest addition to Beachbody, allowing you to customize your shake—or any beverage you choose—to meet your specific nutritional needs. Use them daily, or just when you need them. Here’s a fun video featuring Tony Horton (creator of P90X) that explains a bit more:

What are the Boosts?

Shakeology Boosts are add-ons to Shakeology (or any beverage of choice), making it possible to customize a shake for an individual’s specific needs.  There are three new boosts to choose from: Focused Energy, Power Greens and Digestive Health.


Focused Energy

Need a shot in the arm in the morning, before your workout or mid-day? Focused Energy contains natural ginseng, guarana and green tea, giving you 100 mg of caffeine without the sugars and chemicals in other energy drinks. It helps with mental focus and is free from artificial ingredients.
What’s in Focused Energy Boost and what its ingredients can do for you:*

  • Green Tea, Matcha Tea, Guarana, Rhodiola, and Asian Ginseng – Help improve alertness and attention.
  • American Ginseng, Asian Ginseng, Green Tea, Matcha Tea, Guarana – Help support mental clarity, focus, and clear thinking.
  • Proprietary Mushroom Blend (Cordyceps, Reishi, King Trumpet, Lion’s Mane), Ginseng, and Rhodiola – Adaptogens help support the body in times of stress.

Why do I need this Boost in addition to Shakeology?

While Shakeology is an incredible daily dose of dense nutrition, there are those days when you simply need a little something extra. So when you’re challenged for energy, or are under the gun and need to be as productive as possible, supercharge yourself with Focused Energy Boost. You can also use this to reduce or replace your daily coffee habit.

What makes Focused Energy Boost better than other energy products?

  • Focused Energy Boost naturally boosts your energy, focus, and mental clarity with ginseng and 100 mg of natural caffeine from guarana and green tea—not from sugars, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners.
  • It’s packed with adaptogens to help support the body in times of stress, as well as antioxidants that may help fight free radical damage.
  • There are no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives in this boost.

Power Greens

Having trouble getting enough veggies in your diet? If you are having a hard time eating your vegetables (it’s okay, nobody is perfect every day of the week!) due to a busy schedule, or just need more nutrition, Power Greens is the answer. This veggie-packed powder gives your body the greens. One teeny scoop is a full serving of vegetables!

Your body will thank you for supporting a good acid/alkaline balance with this add-on and you can stop feeling guilty for not eating your vegetables.

What makes Power Greens Boost better than other greens products?  Why do I need this Boost in addition to Shakeology?

Even though Shakeology is packed with superfoods, the reality is, you can never get enough greens. Maybe you’re a veggie hater. Maybe you’re on-the-go and the menu options are veggie-challenged. Or maybe you’re a firm believer that more is better. Regardless, the bottom line is, when it comes to greens, the more you eat, the happier your body will be.

What’s in Power Greens Boost and what its ingredients can do for you:*

  • Proprietary Phytonutrient Blend (Spinach, Chlorella, Kale, Spirulina) – Contains chlorophyll, iron, protein, and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Provides antioxidants, which when part of a healthy diet may help maintain good health.
  • Cucumber – Contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A, and calcium.
  • Celery – Contains calcium, vitamin A, vitamins B1 & B2, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron.
  • While other green boosts contain small doses of numerous ingredients, Power Greens Boost is packed with a potent dose of green superfoods that contain vitamins, minerals, and vital phytonutrients.
  • There are absolutely NO artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives in our boost.
  • Our unique formula helps support the body’s acid/alkaline balance.

Digestive Health

Are you having a bit of trouble moving things along or digesting problems? Digestive Health is here to help get you moving smoothly again. If you feel bloated, uncomfortable and are irregular, this unique blend of soluble and insoluble fiber is the answer. One little scoop has 7 grams of fiber—better than the typical fiber supplements you find in the drug store aisle. Pair it with Chocolate Shakeology for 52% of your daily fiber requirement in one shake.

Why do I need this Boost in addition to Shakeology?

Depending on your changing lifestyle and specific dietary needs (whether you have digestive issues or if you temporarily clogged your system with junk food), there are those times when your body calls for a little more help in the digestion department. So when you’re experiencing irregularity, bloating, or discomfort, this boost will help with those uncomfortable symptoms while getting you back to feeling like yourself as soon as possible.

What’s in Digestive Health Boost and what its ingredients can do for you:*

  • Chicory Root and Pea Fiber – Help maintain digestive system health and regularity.
  • Insoluble fiber from Chia and Flax Seeds – Good source of insoluble fiber, plus they contribute alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid. ALA helps support cardiovascular health.
  • Soluble fiber from Psyllium Husk – As part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, it may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Who should use Boosts?
Shakeology enjoyers with specific health and lifestyle needs that these boosts help support. Specifically, those with low energy, and that need an additional pick-me-up would be perfect for Focused Energy Boost.  Power Greens Boost is for those who don’t like to eat veggies, or for those days when one simply can’t get enough veggies.  Digestive Health Boost is for those looking for the benefits of fiber to help maintain regularity and support digestive health.




choco with berrieswpid-img_20151102_080409.jpg

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What is the Shakeology Boost Bundle?
Shakeology Boosts Bundles are a “limited time” promotion, making it possible to customize a shake for your specific needs. Boost help support your body with specific health and lifestyle needs. Specifically, those with low energy, and that need an additional pick-me-up would be perfect for Focused Energy Boost.  Power Greens Boost is for people who don’t like to eat veggies, or for those days when you simply can’t get enough veggies.  Digestive Health Boost is for if you’re looking for the benefits of fiber to help maintain regularity and support digestive health.

Happy Boosting!!



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