100 Days to Brave – Day 17 – Dig Into the Word for Yourself

Last night I made a post about my FAVORITE scripture to shout out in class and speak to myself daily when I’m going through something tough and feeling like “I don’t wanna”
And this morning when I woke up and reviewed my post (I had to edit my typos because I typed it half asleep last night LOL) I remembered a time when I would be that person looking to the right and the left on Sunday morning at the women around me, wondering…
“How can she be so lit up from the inside out and on fire about the Bible, and it seem like such a chore or boring task to you – something you know you “should” do, or “have” to do??”
Welp… y’all… Annie apparently used to feel the same way! Today’s devo was so encouraging to read…. join me?
100 Days to Brave – Day 17 – Dig Into the Word for Yourself

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