{FAITH} for Life Fit: If You Understand, Act Like It


“If you understand… act like it.” That’s basically what started me looking at my own life and making the changes I saw necessary for health, fitness, wellness, wholeness. He directed. I followed. And it’s a never ending journey. 🙏

We have to learn to love ourselves better in through fitness and nutrition and wellness habits , so we can love others as He has called us to. .

Before I could make any real LONG-TERM progress, I had to meet my body right where it was… and forgive myself for the years I spent binge eating because I hated it AND I hated feeling unloveable because of it. I wanted my thighs, my belly, my lips, my boobs, my hips, my (you name it) to look like everyone else waltzing around social media and zoomed in on in magazines . (We don’t want to say it out loud but if we’re thinking it every day our mind doesn’t know the difference and we’re beating ourselves up from the inside out.) .

Once my relationship with this body God designed for me changed… everything else did, too. ❤️️❤️️❤️️


I no longer wanted to live the same ole same ole. I also didn’t want to beat myself up anymore. I wanted to be my body’s best friend. I wanted to invite Jesus into my inner dialogue and decisions concerning my body, too. .

I wanted to allow my heart & thoughts to change, so that my body could finally be free and strong enough to change, too. .

I’m always open to share more about my story & my journey! Just drop a comment or shoot over a message! .

Have you ever felt like He’s leading you to do something new?

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