Living Life Fit with Angel: Class schedule this week, Holiday class pictures, New Year + Budgeting Fitness tips, Recipe of the Week Cranberry Oats, Get Certified in WARRIOR Rhythm online with me, New Format WARRIOR Combat coming soon!

Class schedule this week, Holiday class pictures, New Year + Budgeting Fitness tips, Recipe of the Week Cranberry Oats, Get Certified in WARRIOR Rhythm online with me, New Format WARRIOR Combat coming soon!

Workout with me!

Life Fit Fam, I had soooo much fun through the holidays and fitness events with you! Too many photos to upload, but here are a handful! I hope to see you in a class soon. Get a peek and save a copy of my class schedules for local & online classes here.

New Year + New Budgeting Fit Tip is here

The New Year is here! 🎉 Let’s take advantage of all that fresh motivation and create goals and habits that stick! This isn’t just another new year’s resolution, this is a plan and a promise for your health and life that you will actually keep. We’ll start out this week with Putting Promises In Place, to create deeply-rooted goals that you can actually stick to all year round. Follow my posts all week long for more tips!🎯

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey

Happy New Year! 🎉 

I’m so glad you are here and ready to kick off the year with plans and promises for your life and health. Remember that as your coach, I’m here to help you keep those plans and promises. Please reach out if you ever need more support! 

Now let’s get going with day one! 👏 I often hear from people how much more expensive it is to be healthy. The food, the supplements, gym equipment or memberships. It all costs money. But it doesn’t need to make you go broke! This month we have Saving More Money Sundays on the blog (more tips shared throughout the week on my instagram & facebook) to give you some quick tips for making your dollar go further. 💰

First tip: Plan ahead! 👌

Create a meal plan of what you and your family are going to eat each week. Include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and anything extra for special events, etc. Then make a grocery list based on your menu, and a budget (with a buffer) to try and stick to. ✅

It may seem so simple, but many people struggle to start and maintain the habit of meal prepping. Yet it is probably the most effective way to save money on groceries. 🛒 If you don’t plan ahead, you will throw extras into the cart or end up running to the store multiple times per week to grab things for each night’s supper. That can add up in $$ real quick! Go into the store with a clear list and budget, AND stick to it!

I’d love to get to know you and your goals this year! Share your health goals, what you’re most excited about this year!

Get Certified with me ONLINE Instructor Training

GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTORS AND CLUB OWNERS, are you looking for fresh, new programming to offer your students in the new year? Great! We want to be in your club!!

The WARRIORS are on a mission, and we’re kicking 2023 off with two virtual trainings in January.

Join Master Trainer Heather Shields on Saturday, January 21st for WARRIOR Strength, our science backed strength and conditioning class that incorporates both HIIT and resistance training to elicit a huge caloric burn, while also moving your clients through functional movement combinations geared to help them do life. Our unique training formula allows your clients to have fun during a quick cardio session that is over before they know it, and we follow that up with 30 minutes of ever-changing strength formulas that keep them off of a plateau and coming back for more. With a customized interval timer and high energy playlists, this class is super easy to teach with little to no memorization needed and allowance for you, as an instructor to coach your clients.

Looking for something a little more evocative and flowy? We’ve got that too! Join Master Trainer Angel Ballance on Sunday, January 29th for WARRIOR Rhythm, our musically driven fusion class. This class packs a powerful punch both physically and emotionally through a combination of just a little mindfulness, a smidgeon of resistance training, a dab of HIIT training, and a beautiful rebel yoga flow, all set to a variety of music that moves through a range of sounds and cadences to match the intensity and feel of each section of class. WARRIOR Rhythm is especially geared to meet the needs of the student or instructor who really wants to experience the benefits of yoga, but struggles to “feel” or enjoy the longer holds and postures taught in a traditional yoga class.

Regardless of the training you choose, we promise to teach you the ins and outs of the brand and provide you with everything you need to prepare to bring these unique group fitness formats to your clients. Get a jump on your continuing education too! We are CE providers with ACE, NASM, AFAA and Yoga Alliance!

  • Check out our full schedule of virtual and live, in-person trainings at
  • Discount codes ANGELRHYTHM and ANGELSTRENGTH for $50 off each training!

WARRIOR Combat: New Format Coming Soon!

I’m already teaching it online – but it’s coming soon to my in person classes, too!

WARRIOR Combat is boxing inspired, powerful, and fierce. It is for everybody and every BODY. WARRIOR Combat has 2 30-minute sections. FIGHT CLUB includes timed intervals and FIGHT NIGHT moves to music. Both sections include boxing combinations, HIIT training, total body conditioning, and strength. Have a set of dumbbells handy and get ready to feel like a confident rockstar.

That’s it for this week! See you again soon,


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