Day Four – Helllooooo, Leg Day!!

Lower Fix Extreme…. This was one of the moves from my workout today! 


Something about CHALLENGE groups with me: 

I always encourage my challengers to post a daily sweaty selfie and/or share a statement about which workout you do each day – to help me and the group keep you accountable, yes, (because we are creating a lifestyle change and consistency is key – we are going to help keep you motivated so you don’t flake out on your goals)…. but ALSO to HIGH FIVE YOU for a job well done!!!  Every day COUNTS towards your goal, so every victory small or large is celebrated! 
So, I like to encourage my challengers… Don’t be shy… Get it, flex it, smile!!  At the very least, you can show me a pic of your workout shoes if you are camera shy…. Besides, where else do people looooove to see you get sweaty and gross???!!!  Lol… pretty soon, though, I promise you that you’re gonna be feeling SO AWESOME about the results you’re seeing from putting the work in, that you won’t want to wait to post and tell us ALL about your accomplishments! !!   :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:😁😁😁😥😥😥👊👊


Today for me?  LOWER FIX EXTREME.  HELLLOOOOO, hammies, glutes, quads, calves… and everything in between!  Autumn delivers with simple straightforward moves that get the job DONE in 30 minutes, no more, no less.  And you are definitely feeling every lunge, squat, kick, raise, and jump!!


Ask me how to get into one of my challenge groups!  I have a new one (or two) every month, as well as an ongoing accountability group.  Let’s get sweaty and get it done! 

#legday #21dfx #lowerfixextreme #thankGodforthemodifier #totallysavedme

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