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P90 X3 Day Four The Challenge



So, here’s the deal: it doesn’t matter so much of how you finish (imo), than it does WHY you are pushing yourself to finish in the first place. We often hear and push ourselves to “finish strong,” (that’s what we say).. ..But if I don’t know WHY I WANT to finish strong, then there won’t be much #fire in my inner being pushing me to actually get it done without quitting on myself. If you find yourself where I was last night, frustrated, discouraged, gritting your teeth at disappointment or a want to do more, do better, but discover you’re not there yet… Dig deep within you and pull out your WHY!!  It’ll keep you going, help you focus, and you’ll finish more #satisfied.

Last night I posted this video (link provided)…  I thought I’d be able to do a lot more tricep push ups on my toes – but how I ended up finishing the greater part of them on my knees… just to finish!  I had to pull on my WHY!




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